Follow-up On Mark Reibman’s Real Estate Photo Editing Service

September 12th, 2014

MarkReibmanBack in July I did a post about my friend Mark Reibman’s new real estate photo editing service that he is providing from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At the time I was unsure of how many would be interested in this variation of-short post processing.

Since July I’ve gotten feedback from Mark that there has been a lot of interest in Mark’s service. Mark says:

Your blog post was great! I have one client in Kansas City who sends me all her work now. She’s got me trained now and we’ve got a good system down. While she sleeps I edit, and while I sleep she shoots. It’s a very good start for building a business in image editing. I’ve also connected with a client in Australia and someone in Sweden. It takes a bit of back in forth to get the images the way they like them. Dropbox is a big help. Once you get it figured out it really streamlines the process. I program my computer to wake up at 6AM and Dropbox automatically syncs the files for my clients. And then I’m ready to start work.

It does seem that there is quite a demand/need/interest for good quality image editing assistance. Most of the people I have heard from have complaints about the overseas services they have used previously. Having one person to do the editing that you can communicate easily and in detail is something I think a lot of photographers would love to have at their disposal. Although, I am hoping to land a few regular clients who can keep me busy rather than photographers with intermittent work needs.

I think part of the reason that Mark is able to do such a good job for real estate photographers is that he’s a long time real estate photographer. He understands the whole real estate photography process and what you need as a real estate photographer.

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11 Responses to “Follow-up On Mark Reibman’s Real Estate Photo Editing Service”

  • What is the fee range?

  • Can mark do video editing and please let me know how to contact him for his editing services

  • I contacted him but he never replied. 🙁
    Would have been nice to at least hear back from him.

  • This is a great idea. I’m with Jerry Miller above. Love to see some pricing examples. Went onto Mark’s site. Some really good work there. For me, I do a decent amount of compositing. And the post production is the time constraint in any of my real estate shoots. I’m not an HDR guy but an auxiliary light shooter in the Scott Hargis camp. Is there a website link that details Mark’s services. Thanks for all the great posts Larry!

  • Contact Mark directly (his email is mreib7 at with these questions. Some of you may not be getting email responses because his email address is miss spelled on his contact page… I pointed this out to him yesterday.

  • Mark’s work is excellent. We are rapidly perfecting our shooting/editing relationship to get it working best for both of us, and I can’t tell you how good it is to find someone, as Mark said, that I can communicate with at any time, with full understanding of the conversation and the details. As a single parent running my own business, having Mark available to do my edits when I need them is fantastic. Now I just need to perfect my selection process and uploading times. Thanks Mark! And thanks so much Larry for pointing me in his direction. It’s changing my working life.

  • Hi Caroline. So sorry you did not get a reply from me! Don’t know what happened apart from what Larry mentioned but then you should have received an ‘unable to deliver’ response. I’m still working on responding to the photographers who responded to Larry’s most recent post but I did not see your name among those email responses. Please try again.

  • HI Caroline. So sorry you did not get a response. Please try again. I have not seen your email, otherwise I would have responded. And I am puzzled as to why I did not see your email.

  • Annette. No. I don’t do video editing.

  • Hi Marc and Jerry! My pricing is in the $1 to $3 range and could go higher for more intensive editing requirements. Multiple images editing similar to my own Real Estate photography workflow would probably be $3 per image. I have an hourly target rate of images per hour and that’s how I determine the price. The image editing requirements and workflow of photographers varies considerably so I will try my best to price my services appropriately. Although I have a good foundation in editing real estate photography there is going to be a good deal of back and forth in what will be a sort of ‘training’ for me to get in sync with the photographer’s needs. One of my clients created some short videos for me of her workflow which were very helpful. We also find Skype to be a really good means of discussing the needs of the photographer quickly. There are lots of ways to do this. My aim is to produce consistently good images for photographers that make their life a little easier and also help them with their business. If you would like more information feel free to contact me. I can respond to your email or give you a call ( easy to do on Skype ). I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • I am finding a lot of interest in this service in my area. I am quite fast at editing and can provide it at a pretty good price. I live in a smaller city, so I think it will also help me out because I can get more work from larger markets. Although I enjoy taking photos more than editing.

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