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September 7th, 2014

NewsPhotoFocus Article On Scott Hargis: Jaron Schneider over at has a great article on Scott. Here at PFRE we all know Scott as the author of the Lighting Interiors e-book which over the last four years has grown into a real estate photography classic on interior lighting. However, as Jaron describes, Scott has progressed way beyond real estate to being a very successful architectural and interior design photographer and doesn’t shoot much real estate much anymore.

I first met Scott in 2008 when I did a PFRE workshop in Seattle. Scott did an early version of his lighting classes as part of the workshop which eventually grew into his classic Lighting Interiors e-book. I have learned a huge amount about lighting from Scott in the almost 5 years I’ve been publishing his e-book. Jaron has done a great job I think of profiling Scott, his work and his intensely professional approach to interior photography.

Using Professional Photography for Listing Helps Sell Homes Faster: Another study, this time by VHT Studios, a large tour provider in the Chicago area and on the east coast shows that homes that use professional photographers sell 32% faster. Also, sites a 2013 joint report by Google and the NAR that real estate searches on Google when up 243% in the past four years. I think both of the RedFin studies (here and here) are still more compelling. Thanks to Dave in Perth for pointing out this article.

4 Insider Trick to Sell Your Home on a Tight Timeline: Michael in Lincoln, IL pointed out this article by Dave Ramsey on how to get your home sold quickly. These four items: Accentuating the Positive, Using Knockout Photos, pricing the property right and hiring a top listing agent are all right-on.

NASA is building an air traffic control system for drones: reports that, “NASA is developing an air traffic control system for drones. The New York Times reports the US space agency is working on creating a management system for vehicles that fly at around 400 to 500 feet off the ground — much lower than conventional aircraft — at its Moffett Field base around four miles from Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The system would check for other low-flying drone traffic, help the small unmanned vehicles avoid buildings, and scan for adverse weather conditions that might knock a drone out of the sky.” Makes good sense, with everything everyone wants to do with small drones, if there isn’t a pretty high tech traffic control system the world below 400 feet will be chaos very soon!


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2 Responses to “Real Estate Photography News – Scott Hargis Photofocus Photographer of The Week”

  • I read the article about Scott Hargis. It was a wonderful article and I really loved his quote(s): ““I think that if there’s one thing that made me successful, it’s that I never succumbed to the excuse that my clients, or the budget of the shoot, could dictate the effort level I was going to put out. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing a photographer say, “Well, sure…I’d do THIS, and THAT, if I had a ‘high-end’ job, but my customers won’t pay for that stuff.” You will never get that “high-end” job if you don’t start demonstrating that you can produce high-end work…TODAY. From the start, I approached every job, no matter how humble, as if I’d been commissioned to shoot the White House. That effort has paid off for me, many times over.

    and …. “I also believe that more photographs are ruined in post-production than are ever ruined in the camera. I see lots of photographers applying massive amounts of Photoshop actions and filters and hours of work….when a simple, intelligent, single exposure would have been much better. The over-cooked photo seems to be the most common thing I see when reviewing portfolios. My advice is usually to eschew all software for a few months and just focus on camera technique. Great photos (including interiors photos) were being made for decades before the advent of Photoshop!”

    That is exactly how I feel. At age 53, I am still learning and I struggle with my flashes, to get that image looking just right in camera. I read Scott’s book over and over. And I don’t care if I am only shooting little condos (I do shoot high end homes as well), but each home (real estate) is the same to me – each is as important to me as the next and each I have to do the best I can do and I am learning more each time. I don’t like the over processed look of HDR either. I really like Scott’s images. Thanks for the inspiring article as I run off to work for the day!!

  • So when is the Architectual/interior designer ebook sequel due out?

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