Real Estate Photography Question and Answers

August 27th, 2014


I keep getting great questions and post these so everyone can get the benefit of the answers and others can help me come up with answers. Feel free to help me answer these!

Barry’s Question:  I’m new to the PFRE scene and the Flickr blogs.  Could you give me a translation of some of the acronyms (i.e. STU, etc.) that are being used to describe setups?  BTW, PFRE is a great site.  I’ve learned so much in a short time.

Answer: Great question… There is a PFRE flickr group discussion thread called “RE dictionary” that has all the definitions. I just made it sticky (makes it stay at the top of the list of discussion threads.

Carmine’s Question:  I love your books and the information in them. Now it seems I have become a Commercial Real Estate Agent and my Broker would like me to start shooting video walk throughs of Office, Industrial, Warehouses,Retail spaces, etc. Is there a book on how to shoot and light property video?

Answer: Another great question… I’ve had various projects do this in the past but just haven’t got it done yet. Malia Campbell has done some workshops on this subject but I don’t know of any good resources at this time for learning property video. Most videographers that shoot property video shoot cinematic video (using sliders, dollys and cranes ) and not walk through video (using stabilizers). Walk-through video is more difficult to master and I know only a handful of people do it well.  Fred Light, in Boston and Christian in Toronto do walk through video very well. 

Russ’s Question:  After going through your website finding some interesting articles and one of them was concerning dxo viewpoint but that article is now over two years ago. As two years have past have you had any change of mind as far as Viewpoint goes as now at version 2.1 against PTLens and the latter I can find very little up to date information on!

Answer: Two years ago, before the release of Lightroom 4, there were a bunch of options for correcting verticals and barrel distortion, but since Lightroom 4 and now 5, there is not much point in using specialized applications like PTLens and Viewpoint when Lightroom has such great functionality in this area. So, I just stopped talking about those specialized alternatives.

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4 Responses to “Real Estate Photography Question and Answers”

  • Russ’s Question – Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw will do a very good job of lens corrections most of the time. I’ve had PTLens for ten years and it works well but it takes too much time to make adjustments. When Lightroom and ACR don’t work I take the image into Viewpoint 2 and it gets it right all the time.

  • @Jerry

    Lightroom doesn’t have my lens (Nikon 12-24). Do you know how to install it’s profile in Lightroom?

  • @Coach – There is no Lightroom profile for the Nikon 12-24. This is one of the few reasons left to use PTLens which does have a profile for the 12-24. You can use PTLens as a plugin to Lightroom… we all did that back in Lightroom 3.

  • @Coach – you can also create your own lens profile that is specific to your camera using a free program available through Adobe Labs (google search Adobe labs lens profile creator). Alternately, can download user created profiles that they are sharing through Adobe Labs. It is a rather involved process, but you only do it once – retaining resources for repeating with future lens. While I created the B&W grid, had to pay for printing it poster size. The google search will also find secondary issues, like where do you put it in Lightroom and Photoshop’s file structure after you create it. Here is the .pdf instruction to give you an idea of the process It is supported by both Windows and Mac with a specific download for each.

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