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August 24th, 2014

vflyerI’ve used ever since it was launched in late 2006. Back in 2006 it was the first site that allowed you to make great looking ads that you can paste into ads. It still does that. I’ve used for advertising my rental properties for years and it works great. Over the years vFlyer has evolved to have a lot of real estate marketing features, including email marketing printed flyers, email flyers, property sites custom graphic design work, copywriting, Video voiceovers and now tours.

Last week I was talking to Aaron Sperling, the CEO and cofounder of about their new format that is  a high quality tour format. I was pointing out to Aaron that the clear trend these days is for agents to use professional photographers shoot their listings and many photographers supply a tour or listing marketing products bundled with their shoot. So vFlyer should be thinking about supporting independent real estate photographers instead of just real estate agents. I was also complaining to Aaron about their subscription only pricing. I think a fixed price per tour pricing is more attractive to real estate photographers.

Aaron says that vFlyer would very much like to start supporting professional real estate photographers and to that end he says:

I’ll have my team support a fixed price model in a manual fashion starting today when real estate photographers call our support team to set-up an account. We will work on adding that support to our online purchasing. has a great bunch of marketing features so if you are just getting started or you want to expand into suplying listing marketing products you might want to checkout as a marketing product provider.

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2 Responses to “ A Marketing Site For Agents and Real Estate Photographers”

  • This looks like a great product, very intuitive. It would be nice if they would be willing to work with independent photographers to create a back end solution that we could use to offer to our clients that would mimic that of Circlepix, Obeo, Tour Factory, etc. to give us a more competitive edge. That way the agents could have their own login into the back end of the sites to monitor their stats, rearrange photos, etc and we would not have to deal with the administrative duties that often come with managing sites like this. I am going to email them now and see what happens. Thanks for the information on this site!

  • I’ve used Postlets (now owned by Zillow) for many years to create not only nicely formatted craigslist ads but also sends the ads out to Zillow, HotPads, Yahoo and others. Best part is that it’s FREE.

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