Did You Know You Can Edit Video In Photoshop?

August 17th, 2014

PSVideoEdingGreg Utton first pointed out this tutorial by Terry White last month. It’s a tutorial on how to edit video in Photoshop CC or CS6.

Then just a couple of days ago Jason Vosper pointed out that Serge Ramelli also has a tutorial on editing video in Photoshop CC.

As Serge and Terry both point out not many people realize this feature exists. I have to admit that I didn’t know you could do this in Photoshop CC! The great thing about having this video editing in Photoshop is you probably already have Photoshop and can easily get started using video without springing for Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

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5 Responses to “Did You Know You Can Edit Video In Photoshop?”

  • I had every intention of becoming proficient with Premier Pro. Subscribed to PScc and Premier Pro last Spring. Began the tutorials. Then got busy after jpining a team. In a month after not working with Pr…I forgot how to use it. Then I discovered PS has all I need and wanted. Now I am inspired to re-enter video. Pr discouraged my enthusiasm. Too complicated to get from shooting to simple editing. Glad to have a simpler option again.

  • Discovered it last year and it makes so much sense! It takes a while to get used to it in some ways, but so easy in so many other ways. I love the fact that I can convert the video to smart filters and open the clip up in Camera Raw to make the adjustments just like photos.

    This video: and this one: was both done with PS CC.

    I think adobe will still grow the video features a lot within Photoshop

  • I’ve been using Photoshop CC to color grade certain problem clips because the Camera RAW interface was more familiar to me than some of the grading tools in FCPx. I found it especially useful on some GoPro clips that have the usual color cast that I needed to match my other cameras. I just “roundtrip ” certain sequences from FCPx> PS CC > FCPx. I never thought about doing a whole video in PS. I wonder how it manages libraries and all the media from an archive standpoint like FCPx and Premier do. Where does the original footage live for future edits so it is organized as a editable project? It’s a cool time to be a photog. New tools every week!

  • Thanks for your great tutorial.

  • Thanks so much for this post Larry. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve been using Photoshop for at least 10 years and never knew this video editing feature existed. Since reading your post I played around with it yesterday for the first time ever, and because I’ve been using Photoshop for so long everything came naturally. I’m blown away! Can’t wait for my next video project.

    @Chris thanks for the links, your videos are fantastic.

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