Still Contest Closes and Video Contest Opens At End Of Day August 15

August 15th, 2014


Still Contest Closing:
We have awesome set of daylight exterior photo entries for this month. I’m amazed at how he quality of photos in this contest keeps getting better and better.

PFRE still photo contest is closing at the end of the day August 15 (in a few hours) and the video contest will open. The  still contest jury will choose a winner of the still contest by August 22.

I’ve scheduled a google Hangout to discuss the still contest winner on August 23 at 21:00 UTC(GMT). To figure out what time 21:00 UTC is where you are use this world clock. It’s basically midday US pacific time, 10PM London/Europe time and early the next day in Australia. Only the winner and some jurors will participate in the hangout (max of 10 people in hangout) but it can be viewed by everyone either live or on YouTube video afterwards.

Update 8/16: Here is the address of the google hangout scheduled for 8/23 21:00 UTC(GMT) for those who would like to watch it live.

Video contest beginning:
If you are submitting a video for the August video contest please read and follow the contest rules at:

Here is the general way the video contest works:

  • Links to video entries will be in the flickr video contest forum. I’ll add them as contestants submit them.
  • If you’d like to comment on any particular video, join the forum and comment on the entry where the link to the video is posted.
  • The August contest is open for entries through August 22.
  • The winner will be announced by the end of August.
  • The video contest hangout will be Sat August 30, 21:00 UTC(GMT).


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