Homeowner Accidentally Takes Naked Bathroom Selfie And Posts Online

August 7th, 2014

NudeBathroomSelfieWe’ve all shot those large master bathrooms that have multiple walls of mirrors. It’s pretty hard to escape being in the shot somewhere. This is where Photoshop is the only way out for the photographer.

But this homeowner in Austin, Texas was taking his own shots, in the nude, for whatever reason and probably never heard of Photoshop. He then proceeded to post the photos on HotPads to try to sell his home.

Was this an accident? I’m skeptical that it was accidental. Look at the social media coverage that he got! I’ll bet the property is already sold.

So there you have it a new angle for getting great social media coverage… until the listing site takes down the photos!

Thanks to Ethan Tweedie for this article.

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18 Responses to “Homeowner Accidentally Takes Naked Bathroom Selfie And Posts Online”

  • LOL!!

  • looks a bit over exposed!!!

  • He may have just thought when we say we shoot raw……..

  • Typical non(professional) photographer: my biggest competition.

  • Ah, those 90 degree mirrors.

  • This wasn’t an accident, they guy is an exhibitionist.

  • May be she is the selling feature of the house! LOL!

  • hahaha! @ray alley

  • It would be a lot better if he got his verticals straight.

  • I will try this marketing technic next enquiry! i will start to work out at gym before it.

  • Hey Larry, I think you might have to add another category for the POTM contest 😉

  • Hahaha! Tony Colangeno what a good idea!

  • I am sure you’re right Larry: the marketing boost must have been great! But before my clients demand that I offer similar I would have to ensure that it was a necessary part of the script… and not entirely gratuitous. Though it didn’t seem to stop Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct! I fear my efforts might be more of a “fatal distraction” !! Looking forward to next month’s “members only” gallery meanwhile.. happy shooting!

  • Hmmmm, yeah! Verticals are off a bit in this shot.

  • Nice link…..

  • marketing stunt. that is all for today.

  • Honestly… how could you not know? Funny though. New fetish – Commercial Exhibitionism

  • Just goes to show that you don’t have to wear clothes to do real estate photography.

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