PFRE Video Contest Discussion Of July Winning Video By Travis Rowan

August 4th, 2014

CanceledCanceled due to  Hurricane Iselle & Julio in Hawai’i. I’ll reschedule when they are passed.

Update 8/5: As of midday here on the west coast Travis just pointed out that Category 4 hurricane Iselle and hurricane Julio are bearing down on Hawai’i. Iselle is forecasted to hit late Sat 8/9. Since Travis and Andy Carlson are both in Hawai’i, unless Iselle dissipates into a tropical storm we may delay this hangout.

Update 8/6: As of midday west coast I’ve decided to delay the video contest hangout. Everyone in the Hawaiian islands are going to weathering out two successive hurricanes from tomorrow for several days. Travis and Andy, batten down the hatches and be safe!

Update: 8/7: Ethan Tweedie reported that “ALL IS WELL here in Waimea. The storm core never made it ashore and was kept at bay by our large volcanoes Mauna…” But they have one more hurricane to go.

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3 Responses to “PFRE Video Contest Discussion Of July Winning Video By Travis Rowan”

  • For what it’s worth Larry, I want to tip my hat to your work on this new project. I don’t know how you find the time, but I know all who take the time to watch….learn a lot.
    Thank you

  • I agree with Jerry! I’m learning a lot from both the photography and videography shared on here. Working on something to share myself one day…
    Grateful and appreciative.

  • Great idea. Larry you are a true asset to this industry and your contest is opening my eyes to some great talent. I doubt I will be available at the meeting but I will watch the video after.

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