CASE Remote DSLR Controller: Another Alternative To CamRanger?

August 3rd, 2014

Lee Jinks pointed out a recent article over at about another possible alternative to the CamRanger for a remote controller for DSLR.s The makers of this have had a quite successful Indiegogo campaign which is going to close August 20. So apparently they are getting close to shipping this device. Since they haven’t shipped it yet it’s impossible to predict if it really is an alternative to CamRanger.

To me this looks interesting enough to donate to the Indiegogo project just so I can keep track of it and try it out when it ships. If the CASE remote controller does turn out to work as good as the CamRanger it may well drop the price in half. It’s just a matter of time until someone does a CamRanger controller device for less than half. Controlling your DSLR from your mobile device is very compelling application. Everyone with a DSLR will want one sooner or later.

The other alternatives to CamRanger so far are:

  1. DIY Wireless Control of Your Canon DSLR ~$50 USD
  2. XtremeTether – Available in UK ~£185 = $311 USD
  3. DSLR Controller – Canon and android only – mostly DIY I think.

All of these controllers have the downside of being limited availability or very do-it-yourself. The CASE looks like it doesn’t have any of these downsides. We’ll see.


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10 Responses to “CASE Remote DSLR Controller: Another Alternative To CamRanger?”

  • I love camranger, but tried to use for shooting video and it froze my tablet. No biggy works fine for stills, but curious if others have this issue. I usually shoot video using an hdmi monitor hardwired to camera, just thought I’d give CR a shot. Worked fine in the studio (of course!) but after about 8 min tablet crashed (Galaxy SIII current v, on Nikon D7100.

  • DSLR DASHBOARD is really good. I use it with my Canon and Galaxy S4. Live view is neat and I can control all camera functions. Really good for HDR.

  • I second DSLR Dashboard. Forgot my memory card one day and it helped out in a pinch. (I have 2 memory cards now.)

  • Xtreme Tether is on sale for $199.00 but I can’t find any reviews on it.

  • If your camera has wifi can’t you just use that with a tablet and an app? Ice tried it out with my 6D and it seems to do the job.

  • I found Dslr dashboard buggy with my Samsung S3 and Note3. In my opinion this small niche is already dying as a hardware dwvice as in-camera wifi is finally becoming the norm for dslrs. The apps will hopefully continue to keep canon and no lion on their toes.

  • Agree with Chris about DSLR Dashboard–very inconsistent, had horrible luck with it, as far as wireless goes. Maybe it was just the TP-Link router that was the bad link in the chain. Now I just use my 6D with built-in Wifi and the Canon app. Works great (though I wish the image would appear on the tablet automatically after taking the photo instead of having to select it).

  • or you could just buy another brand like nikon or pentax or sony etc etc or some others that already have wifi dslrs or adapters for them that allows for remote control and live view.

  • From what I saw in that video it does not even come close the the functionality or ease of use of the CamRanger. The other thing to keep in mind is customer support. CamRanger has already proven to have superior customer support.

  • I just came across this site ( – as I shoot with a Sony a77 (which is incompatible with most remote viewers). Has anyone heard of / used Triggertrap before?

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