First PFRE Photographer Of The Month Hangout – Live 7/28 At 12 Noon Pacific

July 27th, 2014

JulyPOMHangoutToday, Monday 7/28 at 12 noon Pacific time 7pm GMT/UTC, we had the first PFRE photographer of the month live Google hangout. The video for the complete discussion  is now on YouTube.

This was a beta test of the idea that Bill Baughman had that I talked about on 7/24. The idea was to talk about what jurors consider when judging PFRE POM and to hear more details from Ling Ge that won the POM this month. We had the following participants:

  1. Myself
  2. Scott Hargis – PFRE juror
  3. Michael Yearout – PFRE juror
  4. Wayne Capilli – PFRE juror
  5. Steve Carroll – PFRE juror
  6. Ling Ge – July PFRE photographer of the month

Despite some glitches getting started and Bill Baughman not being able to connect with the Hangout, it worked out fairly well for a first time. There were about 10 or 11 viewers during the live discussion. We should be able to make this smoother next time and I’ll let everyone know when the discussion will be so more know about it. The participants expressed a desire to have more hangout participants. I’m sure that will happen with more advance warning. There was only about 24 or 48 hours advance warning for this hangout.

And yes, I hope to have a Video Contest hangout although the logistics for when to have it will be more difficult since participants are in Brisbane, London, Hawaii and Santa Fe. We will give it a go.


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9 Responses to “First PFRE Photographer Of The Month Hangout – Live 7/28 At 12 Noon Pacific”

  • Excellent! There are several important reasons to have this website, but the most important is to further our craft and art. I’m looking forward to hearing what my idols have to say about this process.

  • Don’t know if I’ll be back in time – but I think its a great idea!

  • I truly think that was really great. I hope it will be possible to do the same for videographer. Even being just a videographer I like it, specially when we talk about composition, I did learn more from architecture photographers than videographer. Keep doing the great work Larry. Thanks to all who took the time to hangout on youtube. One last thing, I do not know if it will be possible but a discussion with the top 3 will be great to, as they are great too, we just just don’t know if the house help a lot to win the contest above the techniques but I am sure we still can learn a lot from the second and third and maybe more. I know it can be difficult to organize all this but we are gathering here to learn so up to your genius Larry. I think that was a good start. Cheers.

  • @josue – Yes, I’m going to propose this to the video jurors… and I was just looking at potential times to schedule the video contest discussion that will have participants in Brisbane, London, Santa Fe, Hawaii and Portland… someone will have to getup early or go to bed late!

  • I watched the YT replay this morning and found it informative. The judges get to expound on their decision making process and speak in more detail about what aspects of an image drive their votes.

    It would be very educational if the winning photographers are able to share their initial or ambient exposures so we can see how far along the image came pre-lights (and pre-post production).

  • Is the secret initiation a live viewing experience/workshop with Michael… on the master bed or in the master tub of your choosing? 🙂

  • @Kelvin – Yes, I think this live event will be the initiation for PFRE jurors -Who knows what jurors will come up with for the initiation rituals.

  • Thanks for doing this Larry,

    I really enjoyed it, it was great to get an insight into the thought process of some fantastic photographers.

  • Thanks for doing this. I tuned in late because I was out working, but I caught most of it and will watch the rest later. It was terrific. Full of great information that can only help us do better.

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