Congratulations To Ling Ge July PFRE Photographer Of The Month

July 23rd, 2014


Congratulations to Ling Ge of Irvine, CA, who has won this months Photographer of the month contest with his photo at the right. Click the image to see a larger version.

Again this month, a bunch of great images! The competition is intense!

Here is the jury’s voting results:

  1. 35 points, #10, Ling Ge – irvine, CA.
  2. 27 points, #15, Matt Harrer – St Louis, MO
  3. 16 points, #4, Barry MacKenzie – London, ON.
  4. 16 points, #28, Dan Ryan – Central, NJ.
  5. 8 points, #3, Matthew Davis – London, UK.
  6. 7 points, #11, Scott Basile – San Diego, CA.
  7. 6 points, #13, Ron Putnam – Chico, CA.
  8. 5 points, #30, Ethan Tweedie, Big Island, HI.
  9. 3 points, #21, Tony Colangelo, Victoria, BC.
  10. 3 points, #24, Chuck Spaulding, Thousand Oaks, CA.
  11. 2 points, #7, Daniel Solomon, Los Angeles, CA.
  12. 2 points, #2, James Mauro – Powder Springs, GA.

Here are Ling’s comments:

Wow, it is truly surprising and an honor to be voted the winner of the POTM contest, especially with so many strong entries! I want to thank everyone from Larry Lohman, Scott Hargis, Tony Colangelo, Julie Mannell, Hans Bolte, Barry, Jim Bolen, Matt Davis, Andrew Mott and everyone else in the PFRE Community. I could not be more appreciative of all the great comments and constructive criticism I’ve received and I would not be in this position without them.

For the bathroom itself, the door opens into the shower, so shooting from that side wasn’t ideal, even when I closed the door. I backed as far back into the walk-in closet and felt this would be the best composition to shoot from. I used my Nikon D600 with a Nikkor 14-24 mm and shot the single frame image with the exposure at f/7.1 at 1/10th of a second. The bathroom already had great natural light and only needed a touch of fill. I had one flash on a light stand near the ceiling on low power and another flash in the master bedroom to even out the image. The rest is just minor post production to finish the final product.

Thanks for everyones participation! I’ll be putting all the names on the photos in the POTM flick group.

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13 Responses to “Congratulations To Ling Ge July PFRE Photographer Of The Month”

  • CONGRATS Ling!! I’m absolutely delighted (and not surprised) that you’ve won this month’s contest…Well done!

  • Congratulations, Ling. Well done!

  • Well done Ling, great shot!

  • Congrats to Ling for submitting such a wonderful photo!

  • Great shot! I like how it was mostly shot with ambient, which gives a very warm and natural feel.

    Josh Mais

  • Congrats, Ling!!

  • Lovely image Ling! I just finished with processing a beautiful listing but felt frustrated by my lack of mastery. Seeing and hearing your solutions, gives me a new approach to try.

  • Beautiful! Well deserved win!

  • Many congrats Ling – very well deserved!

  • Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I am truly honored and the least I can do is pass what I’ve learned to other aspiring RE Photographers.

  • Great job Ling! Wonderful capture.

  • Congrats, Ling. Killer shot!

  • Beautiful and absolutely perfect! Congratulations, Ling!

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