What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Photography

July 22nd, 2014

WhatAgentsNeedToKnowBecause Scott Hudspeth invited me to speak next Tuesday at his real estate agent Mastermind webinar. I decided to update what I used to call the Realtors Photo Guide. I’ve changed the name of this free ebook that I give away on the blog (the white Free Download ad on the left side-bar). I changed the name to What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Photography. Lee Jinks correctly pointed out that I shouldn’t be using the trademarked term REALTOR® in a publication I’m giving away all over the world.

I wrote the first version of this ebook back in 2009 after having a discussion about “quality photography” with my a good friend who is a long time real estate agent and the managing broker of a ReMax office in the Seattle area. I realized that the majority of agents don’t have a clue what good real estate marketing photos look like or what makes a good marketing photo. They aren’t dumb, they just are not visually sophisticated enough to know what makes an interior photograph good and why. Very simply, they need to be educated. What is needed is a photo marketing guide for real estate agent, written in simple language, that describes what good real estate marketing photos look like and what makes photos effective.

My goal in writing this and giving it away is to help educate agents and beginning real estate photographers about real estate marketing photography. I use it every time I get chance to talk to a group of real estate agents. It always seems to be well received. I give everyone a copy and walk through as much of it as there is time for. Many real estate photographers use it as a marketing tool all over the world; it has now in 5 languages. So feel free to put this on your site as a free download and give it away to your clients or use it to present to your local real estate offices. If  you’d like to modify it or translate it into another language (it is currently available in German, Russian, Italian and Ukrainian) contact me and I will send you the Adobe InDesign CS6 source. I’ve had to remove the older links to real estate photography articles because many are no longer online. Fortunately, the two RedFin study articles are still on line.

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6 Responses to “What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Photography”

  • Does the update clarify the use of drones for aerial photography.

  • @Greg – Oh, yea it clears it all up… by saying nothing:)

  • Larry – great idea, thank you for all the time you’ve spent. One useful addition (I couldn’t find any mention in the publication – please tell me if I’m wrong) would be to let agents know that sometimes it’s impossible to “photoshop” large objects, such as a vehicle, out to reveal what’s behind, especially if what’s behind is part of a structure. I’m sure many agents think you can just press a button and voilà, it’s gone. They seem to be unaware that if it’s not done accurately, they could be accused of misrepresenting the property.

  • Thank you so much for this tool! I agree with Dave, adding a section about how to prep the seller for the day of photos with a few key tips would help out tremendously! Great information though!

  • @Dave & Kimi – yes, your are right this is a big issue that deserves more attention than I give it here. I’ll add some more on this subject on item #3.

  • Thanks for the great information Larry! I agree as well, a section on prepping a home for a shoot would be good.


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