FAA Special Rule For Model Aircraft Comment Period Ends July 25

July 21st, 2014

FAAcommentsChuck Spaulding reminded me yesterday that Friday, July 25 is the last day to give comments to the FAA on their Interpretation of the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft” and for people who care about using small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAS) this is an important issue.

My understanding of the central issue is that this public review comment period is the first step in exempting hobby model aircraft from all future FAA rules that will apply only to commercial aircraft.

To me this makes absolutely no sense. If you agree let the FAA know before July 25. If you care about this please comment.

Chuck sent me this copy of the comment that he submitted for the sUAS Small Business Consortium that he is forming.

By the way, you have to use some other browser than Google Chrome on the Mac since the comment page won’t accept comments from Google Chrome.

Update 7/25: The FAA has agreed to extend the comment period for this input another 60 days until Sept 25.

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4 Responses to “FAA Special Rule For Model Aircraft Comment Period Ends July 25”

  • Anyone watching Creative Live on Drone photography and video? Legal questions will be coming up in a while.

  • Then there is this Australian company, who’s goal is to make a manned Hoverbike:

  • Can’t it be simple ? Americans get a license after they show who they are, do a FAA test that they can handle a drone safely, have insurance to a basic minimum;and done. If the flyer gets caught, they show their license, then the officer dials into the FAA web site, verifies who’s who and if unlicensed, into the slammer. DONE! This is the land of free enterprise, lets us earn an income (with fees/licenses to the proper agency for some supervision) and everyone is happy.

  • I would basically agree with Peter’s post. I would just ad that the permit or license be priced modestly to ensure safe operators instead of restricting access to operation. And thank you kind editor for reminding us of this comment expiration. I rushed over and added my 2 cents. My stand is that commercial use means that someone or business entity has an investment in the equipment and it ROI. That means to me that businesses will operating their equipment far more responsibly and safety both for the general public and to protect both their investment and its ongoing earnings. It does no good to have your craft in the shop being fixed. A sore point with me since I am on my second DJI copter that arrived faulty. Two months and I still don’t have an operational unit and no crashes either. Just faulty equipment. And the faults could have caused a crash that could have hurt someone.

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