This Week In Real Estate Video #113 – Team Uneek In Orlando

June 20th, 2014

UneekI subscribe to the Team Uneek YouTube channel and yesterday Michael and Nory posted a particularly wonderful example of  their work.

I’m always amazed when I watch their work by how artful and creative it is. For me this is a delight in sound and synchronized movement of interesting images. Of course it helps to have a great looking property to shoot. But I’ll bet Michael and Nory could make a dumpy little shack look great! There’s something about the quick, unusual views and moves combined with the rhythm of the music they use that holds my attention.

For those readers that don’t know Michael and Nory, here is Michael’s description of their business from about a year ago:

I work with my wife Nory who has studied lighting over the past 6 months so we now work together full time two other assistants for some shoots. Nory is also an agent.

We shoot for a lot of interior designers, builders and architects throughout Florida and have shot some of the most expensive homes, along with private celebrity homes that were not even for sale. Our turnaround is 24 hours for pictures and video for all real estate shoots. As you notice we shoot with a lot of off camera flash and ARRI hot lights depending on what the clients specific request and try to pay very close attention to detail.

We have had our work in Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Luxe, and pretty much every magazine that is produced in central Florida. There is a local magazine that comes out every 2 months and is about 30 pages called Portfolio Florida, and out of the 30 pages of work in the last issue we had 19 pages of work featured in there along with inserts on four more. Also,we are the creative directors for Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls Royce of Orlando and are negotiating an exclusive contract for a mega yacht broker.

Michael and Nory, thanks for posting some of your work on YouTube!

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3 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #113 – Team Uneek In Orlando”

  • Love these guys, what a dynamic creative duo. Incredible work as always Michael and Nory, just stunning and stunning couple too 🙂

  • Wow this is stunning: let’s face it, there can’t be a more static subject than real estate but Michael and Nory manage to make anything that can move, move (e.g. fountains, fans, flames, curtains and window blinds) and then, with some beautiful jib work and sliding, keep the whole thing moving. I liked the split screen segments. And finishing up with twilight sequence made it feel like more of a story being told. Musical score was spot on too. Just wish I could have liked it on YT! But then they probably don’t me to remind them they are clearly the industry bar-setters!

  • Yeah . . . that’s inspirational. Love the split screens. Great video!!!

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