Lightroom For Your Camera

June 19th, 2014

LightroomiPhoneOn Wednesday Adobe announced Creative Cloud 2014. Along with it there are several mobile apps. The most interesting one to me is Lightroom mobile for the iPhone. Yea, I know, support for Android is not available yet; it’s coming.

Lightroom mobile is clearly a work in progress. Adobe still working at understanding mobile photography because they strip off important metadata from your photos, like date, time and location and they don’t sync video files (the dropbox app has done that for a long time). Adobe is new to the field of mobile photography; this is not their core competency. But despite these oversights this new concept of having Lightroom running on your camera is groundbreaking and I think it has huge potential! 

Sure, this new Lightroom mobile feature is not a Lightroom feature that you are going to use for shooting real estate but the concept of a camera automatically syncing it’s files to Lightroom is compelling and I want for my DSLR! Julieanne Kost’s video explains all the features of Lightroom mobile

Oh, yea, the other great news for photographers is that the Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud bundle priced at $9.99 is now a permanent pricing plan. This is a great deal!

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3 Responses to “Lightroom For Your Camera”

  • Just an FYI – this was also reported on Adobe’s support forums as well (which I finally found AFTER I had problems and was trying to find an answer!). If you have CC, DO NOT UPDATE LIGHTROOM from the CC console. There is a bug in there somewhere. Open Lightroom, go to “HELP/Check for updates” and get the stand alone install file for LR 5.5.

  • Thanks for the heads up Rich Turner I was just getting ready to do the update through the CC.

  • Thanks Larry : I didn’t know that the Photoshop and Lightroom CC deal was longterm: thought it might have been a way to get us to sign up! With the original cost of updating Photoshop every 18-24 months being what it was, this package rate pretty much cancels out. I’ll be signing up .

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