Belgian Photographer Nick De Clercq Awarded Qualified European Professional Photographer

June 12th, 2014

NickDeClercqCongratulations to long time PFRE reader and PFRE flickr forum participant, Nick De Clercq who last weekend was awarded the title of Qualified European Professional Photographer. Nick won the PFRE photographer of the month back in February 2012 and is a monthly photo contest juror. As you can see from Nick’s description below this award is a big deal! There are only 3 Belgians and 18 Europeans that have gotten this award. Here is Nick’s description of the award and his thanks to everyone that has helped him get there:

This past weekend I was awarded the titel of “Qualified European Professional Photographer” at the QEP-judging session held in Riga, Latvia by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP).

In 1999 the FEP started a qualification system that recognises exceptional professional abilities in European Professional Photographers and honours them with the quality label of “Qualified European Professional Photographer”. This European label transcends the awards and prices given out in all of the 29 member countries.

This QEP-judging session is held twice a year by the FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers). During which the photographer’s panel of twelve photos is assessed by a five-member jury of European photographers who already have been honoured with the QEP label or Master QEP label. They assess the panel based on the technical and artistic qualities, the consistency of the panel, the style of the photographer, and last but not least the high technical quality of the professional work of the candidates. This year’s first judging session was held on 7 and 8 of June in Riga, Latvia.

With a lot of pride I am able to say that I was awarded the titel and quality label of QEP Photographer in Architecture, merely as the 3th Belgian and 18th European photographer in its 15 years of existence. Making this a tremendous honour for me!

Thinking back to when I first visited the PFRE website and Flickr-forum for the very first time in 2010. I remember being stunned by the quality and the abundance of information that was available for starting photographers.

I also have to thank Scott Hargis and David Eichler for levelling my early work with critique, pushing me to improve the quality of my work. Then they gave me further critique on my new work and acknowledging the improvements that I had made. In my eyes it is amazing that great photographers such as Scott Hargis, David Eichler and Michael Kelley took (and still take) the time to give pointers and tips to me and all other starting real estate photographers. Combining this with the incredible PFRE Flickr community of photographers provides starting photographers with a certain urge to learn and do better each and every time they upload a photo to the forum.

In about 4 years, the help and support that I have gotten from this website and the accompanying flickr forum has gotten me from a hobby photographer to a belgian accredited photographer to an “European Photographer” and last but definitely not least to one of the 450 (out of 50.000+) photographers who have been awarded the “Qualified European Professional Photographer”-title in the past 15 years.

I hope that one day I am able to return the favour and do for another starting photographer what this website and forum has done for me. So Larry, THANK YOU for starting this website and giving me (and many others) the chance to explore and develop their skills. Without this website and community I am sure that I would have never gotten this far this fast, I might have never had achieved this level without this community.

You can find my judged QEP-panel portfolio here.

Great job Nick! I’ve made a new category “Success stories” since I’ve done several other posts over the years about PFRE community success stories. Be sure to let me know if you have some success that you are willing to share with the PFRE community. These kind of stories are very valuable and inspiring for those just starting out in interiors photography.


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9 Responses to “Belgian Photographer Nick De Clercq Awarded Qualified European Professional Photographer”

  • Congratulations Nick! What a tremendous honour … you should be very proud!

  • What a great result Nick! And a lovely folio of images. I have seen your work with interest on the PFRE Flickr forum: I have no doubt that you will be mentoring new visitors there in the years to come!

  • Great job Nick!

  • Great job on the images. The lighting was incredible! Looking forward to more of your work.

  • Well done, Nick! Terrific work…

  • Well done, Nick! Terrific work.

  • Congratulations. Well deserved. Glad I could be of some help.

  • Congratulations Nick!!! You hard has paid off and it is well deserved!!


  • Your work is great! Something to aspire too.

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