Great Web Companies That Helped Me Recover From My Web Hosting Disaster

June 5th, 2014

SquareSpaceBecause of growing performance problems on my site and larry at lohrman dot com email (which I talk to everyone on) I was forced to move the site and email server after 10 years of hosting the site in the same place (

This move turned out to be extremely painful with a lot of swearing, on my part. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but in the end I discovered some great web companies. They are so fantastic I need to pass them on to everyone:

  1. I moved all my domains to several years ago from after getting sick and tired of all the slime-ball marketing BS that goes on on Godaddy. Hover is a no nonsense straight forward place for domain hosting with awesome support. This last week I started to use email servers. Just email and domain hosting, that’s all does and they do it well! During the transition my larry at lohrman dot com mail was out for about 48 hours… sorry if this affected you. The outage was not due to it was due to the crappy support at
  2. I’ve been aware of SquareSpace for a long time. In 2009 I was close to moving this blog to SquareSpace but ended up not moving it because of some technical problems. What I found is that in the last 5 years SquareSpace has really improved. SquareSpace now has:
    • A bunch of great photographer site templates. I’m using the Momentum template for my site. It’s clear to me that this is an ideal real estate photographer site hosting company.
    • Anyone can build their own website in a very short time. I built the new version of in about 30 minutes. You can customize any template to your hearts content.
    • SquareSpace sites work on ALL devices, SmartPhones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
    • SquareSpace reliability and performance is outstanding! shows this is the fastest website hosting I’ve ever measured!
  3. This site gives you a way to monitor performance of a given site. This site allows you to get statistical insight into whether a site’s performance is degrading over time staying the same. This gives you data that’s difficult to get any other way. This monitoring convinced me to move the PFRE blog a year ago and demonstrated that where I had hosted was getting worse by the week.

In summary, I believe that I’ve pretty much recovered from my website and email server move. If anyone thinks I didn’t answer their email in the last week, please resend it. I apologize for any communication that I may have dropped during this mess. There may still be some links on the that link to the old site, especially photos on posts a year or two old… I’ll be fixing those for the important older posts but may not fix them all because this blog has near 1800 posts.


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15 Responses to “Great Web Companies That Helped Me Recover From My Web Hosting Disaster”

  • Larry … What a headache for you . Glad to see it’s all worked out : the square space site looks great and seems very well suited to ipad viewing. Interesting to hear your experience with go daddy .. I register a lot of domains with them but no hosting: whenever I register a domain with them as you say I get a load of hard sell for hosting etc. thanks as ever for sharing your detailed research with the rest of us.

  • Hi Larry,

    Sorry for all of your hassles. I am using SquareSpace now for my business. I love them. I actually stumbled upon them with Mike Kelley who is using them too, or was last time I checked.

    I also understand your issue with GoDaddy, I hate their annoying emails and telephone calls, BUT they are cheap and when you manage a few hundred domain names a year like we do, cheap is great! The company you mentioned is significantly higher than what we pay on renewals with GoDaddy. We purchase GoDaddy’s club for 89.00 dollars a year to get that pricing because we manage so many, so at most we pay in the 9.00 range.

    Good luck with the new site and don’t forget to download the SquareSpace Apps for IOS and I think they have them for Android too. I love their metrics tool. You would think that Google would have one for their Analytics.

  • Simon and Bruce
    I toured your sites a bit.
    I’ve done a lot of studio/other stuff, but….
    the images on your sites are truly amazing.

    My son got me signed up for basic squarespace just the other day. I left behind 4×5 film landscape/art wine shows and studio stuff etc. almost ten years ago.
    Was loosing way to much $ when the recession hit.
    Now just starting to learn the dslr routine (primarily for architectural+ and must say there’s a heck of a lot more camera controls than the 4×5 I use to shoot with. So many buttons, so little time. Kinda wish there was one button to rule them all:-)
    My start package 70d 10-22, Lumedyne portable power system (left over from the days of old) and some new 560 111’s.
    Hope to get up to speed of you guys before the world spins around a 10,000 more times.

    And last but not least;
    Thank you Larry for such an amazing photography site.
    Really like the ebook I got from you!
    Haven got to the axillary stuff yet, but I will.
    Be safe out there, one and all.
    Santa Cruz, Ca.

  • Logan .. Thanks for the kind words … I also did my time with 5×4 ( Still life and some RE work though interiors etc were giving way to medium format by then) and it still feels a little odd using a 35mm camera with a tilt shift lens but I love what you can do with digital now. I read Larry’s books and spent a lot of time on the PFRE flICkr group and learnt load about

  • (Continued!) how people are working with the new digital methods. It’s a great time to be involved with photography, even if competition is tough.

  • Larry- I clicked on your link and it directed me to this site…
    Why would a professional want their website to include squarespace in their domain?

  • @jeff – they wouldn’t, I just have my forwarded to SquareSpace. I haven’t changed the name server yet.

  • Personally, I use WordPress for my websites, it offers so much more flexibility than square space and is extremely user friendly. There are thousands on thousands of themes and plugins that can give you any look with any features you want. With 19% of the entire web using WordPress, there is a wealth of information, communities, and tutorials like no other web platform that I know of. Its also free! You can simply download it on I use Host Gator to host several sites, and I can quickly add WordPress to any site with the click of a button, and the site goes live in minutes. If you can figure it out, I think it would be the best option for making your own website. I also use Godaddy for all my domains, they have extremely good customer service and good prices.

    Josh Mais

    Kansas City Spaces

  • @Josh – You are not typical. I’ve been using WordPress for this blog for 10 years but I never recommend it to real estate photographers for a portfolio site. For 95% of real estate photographers WordPress is way too geeky. I’m talking to the 95% of real estate photographers that want to quickly build a template site without having to find a good hosting service, find a theme etc. Not to mention, when something goes wrong there is no one to call.

  • @Jeff – You’ll notice that the now shows with the domain in the browser because the domain name servers are finally updated.

  • Does Squarespace host sites? I also use Squarespace, but my site is actually hosted by Bluehost. It is then redirected through the Squarespace templates. It works fine, but it seems kind of convoluted. I would prefer to use Squarespace as the host if that’s possible.

  • Sorry to hear about your website woes. I’ve also heard great things about Squarespace. Their templates are some of the best around. My biggest question is whether or not Squarespace gives customers the ability to download photos from the site? For me, this is the determining factor between them and Zenfolio.

  • @Cliff – Bluehost is a performance disaster. I had this blog hosted a Bluehost for years but had to move it because their performance was so crappy… cheap yes but you get what you pay for.

    @Jack – I haven’t checked out that feature because I didn’t have it where I moved from but will look into it I did move the PFRE sky library ( to Squarespace but I’ll have to see if they have ability to have client logins… I think they do.

  • @Jack – The answer to your question, “whether or not Squarespace gives customers the ability to download photos from the site” is yes you can. Here’s an example. I’ve created a hidden password protected client page see: with a gallery of shoot photos. Password is “test” the client can download each photo by clicking. Instead of a password protected gallery like my example, you can also create a password protected series of pages where you can put a link to a zip file of the whole shoot. This password protected pages feature appears to be quite flexible.

    I don’t have something setup quite right it doesn’t seem to be asking me for the password every time. Maybe my browser is caching the pw.

  • Wow! Thanks for the info. Looks like it’ll be Squarespace for me. Btw, what happened to your pricing section on your site? Anyway, your site looks great.

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