This Week In Real Estate Video #110 – Video Contest/Canon Video Lenses?

May 16th, 2014

TWIPVVideo Contest: This month’s video contest is progressing nicely. Right now there are five very interesting property videos:

  1. 90 Highland Circle
  2. Perth Penthouse 59/255
  3. NZ Beach Holiday Rental
  4. Dramatic Tuscan Contemporary
  5. Queen’s Court London

Video contest entries will be accepted though May 22.

Canon announced two new Lenses this week: The lenses are both ultra wide-angle and have some puzzling why Canon is making these lenses. because they appear to be so similar to existing lenses. The new lenses are:

  1. 16-35mm F/4L IS: Similar to the 16-35mm F/2.8L except it has image stabilization  is less noise. and is $500 less than the f/2.8 version.
  2. EF-S 10-18mm F/4-5.6 IS STM: Similar to the 10-22mm but only $300 and has image stabilization. It will be interesting to see how the quality of this lens compares to the 10-22mm. Perhaps Canon is going after the Sigma 10-20mm competition.

These lenses won’t be available until the end of June. The discussions on the net have some still photographers scratching their heads as to why they would want these lenses. The obvious answer is that Canon is targeting videographers. If you are handholding while shooting video the IS would be useful.

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9 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #110 – Video Contest/Canon Video Lenses?”

  • Ha. I did 58/255 Adelaide Terrace Perth 4 years ago. Identical layout – thought it looked familiar.

  • Nice, everyone! I would love to know what cameras were used in each of these. Would be very helpful!

  • Regarding the new Canon 16-35mm F:4 IS, the image stabilization feature would be very helpful for low-light, handheld still photography as well, for stationary and slow moving subjects. Also, Canon’s MTF charts suggest that this lens will have significantly better optical performance (at least in some respects) than either the Canon 16-35mm F:2.8 or the Canon 17-40mm F:4. While Canon’s MTF information is theoretical and only part of the story when it comes to image quality, it is nevertheless a useful guide for comparing an important part of lenses’ optical performance: resolution and contrast of the lens across the entire image area.

  • I just had to comment on the five videos, quite a diverse group.
    I really enjoyed Charlie’s 90 Highland Circle, best story telling of this group. Great job Charlie!
    The Perth Penthouse was way too over the top, even for a lifelong Bond fan.. way too long at 8 + minutes. Too much story,not enough good shots of the property IMHO. However, the production value was very nice.
    I really liked the NZ property video, it sold me on the home and the lifestyle surrounding the house. I definitely would have nixed the people on the deck shot. However this video hit the marks on time and sold me on the property.
    The Contemporary Tuscan was a nice video overview of the home but suffered throughout with white balance issues. Nice presentation, however, the exterior color of the home really took be back (nothing to do with the video) but I just had to comment…..first time I’ve seen a raspberry colored “Tuscan” design.
    Queens Court was for me the best production value, top notch video quality with interviews thrown in for balance. My only comment here is that if I hear the word “bespoke” one more time I’m going to gag. Talk about a word the was worn out 6 months after it became popular. A word local marketing people are now running from.
    These are great entries for the video contest. The one thing that jumped out at me with the exception of the NZ video it appears that everyone is ignoring the 3 minute guide for length. It may be my short attention span but even the best video gets too long after 3 minutes……just my HO.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Larry, this is a great idea!

  • The Secret Agent 7 video was very well produced, but a bit too violent for selling a property. I don’t know of too many agents who would kill the homeowner to sell their home…. 🙂

  • Hi Erin. I made the Queens Court film. It was shot on a Canon C300 with a prime 15mm lens for the wide shots and Canon 16-35 L and 24-70 L lenses for the rest. C300 was mainly in Cinema-Log mode to help with the blown-out highlights. My trusty Wally-Dolly completed the kit!
    Ron, fair comment re the word ‘bespoke’ although in this particular scheme it was extraordinary just how much of the furniture / fittings etc was specially made.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Hi Hamish,
    Thanks for sharing your setup, help me decide on hire a C300 or C500 for my next project.
    Your white balance and exposure are perfectly done ( basics settings but the most important to me) followed by good attention to details.
    The C300 does have obviously high dynamic range that helps a lot when not using lights. If you allow me to suggest, you can add a Graduated blue/clear filter (preferrably on mattebox to position exactly from your framing) for the environnement shots to magically change our London’s grey sky.
    Great job.


  • Hi Josué. Thanks for your comments and good point re using a grad for the sky. It’s on the shopping list!

  • Wow, all I can say is wow. I just watched all videos with audio turned off and I’m blown away by the pro cinematography, framing, exposures and editing… Gee the competition is hot, where have all you folks come from? I look forward to watching all the videos with audio turned on to experience the videos as intended by directors cut.

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