What Are The Top 10 DSLRs?

April 20th, 2014

CanonT3iI think it’s interesting to occasionally look at what the most popular DSLRs are. In the past I’ve used the data that Amazon makes available on what the top selling DSLRs are and several commenters said, “that’s all wrong because many people buy at B&H.” I think the most important  thing is that you are looking a large amount of data.

This time I’m taking the data from Flickr collects stats on camera usage by it’s members. So this ranking shows what DSLRs people that are active on flickr are currently using. Here is the current ranking by average daily users (the bold number on each item) using that DSLR:

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T3i (EOS 600D, EOS Kiss X5)3618
  2. Canon EOS 5D Mark II3205
  3. Canon EOS 7D2869
  4. Nikon D70002774
  5. Canon EOS 60D2580
  6. Canon EOS 5D Mark III2433
  7. Canon EOS T2i – (EOS Kiss X4, EOS 55D)2306
  8. Nikon D31002261
  9. Nikon D902281
  10. Nikon D51002032

So yeah, if you are not a flickr member you are not counted in these stats, but has 51 million users so all of those folks posting to the PFRE flickr group are being counted in this.

The surprise in these numbers is that the 5D Mark II is so high on the list and that the T3i has been on the top of most top 10 lists for the last several years. For example, the post I did on this subject in Oct, 2012 based on Amazon sales numbers showed the T3i number one and many of these same DSLRs in the top 10.

The other interesting thing you can see from the flickr data is that you can drill down in the data and see a small graph of each camera and see whether or not flickr usage is increasing or decreasing and how fast. For example, the EOS 60D is rapidly decreasing while the EOS 70D is rapidly increasing.

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13 Responses to “What Are The Top 10 DSLRs?”

  • It is interesting the see the difference in the current top 10 compared Oct 2012 top 10. Look like Cannon made so gains.
    I have been thinking about a topic for the PFRE, it kind of fits with this topic, so I will just through this out.
    How about a topic called “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” where we take photos of the rigs we use on our home shoots, with a description of the components.
    I for one would find this very interesting and educational.
    David Jones

  • Very weird that there’s no mirrorless or SLT cameras…

  • With none of the newer cameras represented, with the newest being the 5d Mark III @ #6, with it based on historical volume, I wonder how many actually still own the cameras, particularly the D90 and T2i, and are now posting with a newer model – if posting at all. With the lack of higher end cameras – which would compete against the masses anyway – I wonder how many people who earn a living with their camera actually post on Flickr – other than marginal – particularly after the adverse user agreement change Flickr tried to adopt a couple of years ago but public outcry forced them to back off.

  • I think with the new hi-end mirror less cameras coming out, and the new super wide lenses, you will start seeing these being used for Real-estate photography.

    I’m looking into changing camera systems from my D-700, D-7000 or D-300 in favor of the Fuji X system and their new 10-24mm lens (But still use multiple lighting).

    Will still keep my Nikon for hi-end work, but would like a lighter camera system.

  • there’s also an upcoming sony FE ultra wide angle zoom for the sony A7 in the next months.

  • LarryG has it right. Although interesting, flicker isn’t a place where professional photographers hang out that much. I mean, how many of my images would I want to just “put up for grabs”? Pedro, the filter was DSLRs, so you won’t see mirrorless cameras here. But, I agree that that is where things are headed for many real estate photographers, and pros of all stripes. I, too, am interested in switching from my D300s and D90 to the Fuji system…probably the X-T1. Have been waiting for the lenses to come out, particularly the 10-20mm. They need a fast prime in the 85mm range to get me to come over. I do a lot of portrait work and use an 85mm f/1.8 a lot of the time. Smaller, lighter and better handling…Canikon have gone the wrong direction for me, although the Df was a step in the right direction.

  • Still the proud owner of the oldest camera on the list D90! woot! It would be interesting to see most popular for new photo submissions over the past 12 months and then most popular total.

  • I’m disappointed that my Pentax ME-Super didn’t make the list..

  • I recently had a chance to test the new mirror less cameras from Panasonic, Sony and Fuji in the field with several types lenses ranging from ultra wide to telephoto zoom to macro and really like the cameras. Although most are 4/3 in sensor size, the one I really liked was the new Sony full frame mirror less. They are all light to carry – a complete setup fits into a small Kelley Moore bag. I don’t like the fact that they all produce a great deal of noise in low light or at high level ISO’s that remain even after using noise reduction techniques in post processing. Additionally, most have the image stabilization in the lens rather than the body, so if you go with a third party lens, you will need to make sure they have image stabilization in the lens.

  • The Canon 5D2 being so high on the list doesn’t surprise me. It’s a very good FF camera and now that the 5D3 has been out for a while, the mkII has come down in price on the used market making it a great deal for those looking to move up to a FF body. I be interested to see how fast the Canon 6D and 70D move up the list given the built in Wi-Fi. It’s a feature that’s great for RE work.

  • Interestingly, if you rank them on # of items (I’m assuming this includes pictures and videos)

    1. EOS Digital Rebel XTi (EOS 400D, EOS Kiss X) = 163,331,070
    2. EOS Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D, EOS Kiss N) = 140,032,829
    3. D90 = 163,331,070
    4. EOS 5D Mark II = 131,232,806
    5. D80 = 111,344,861
    6. EOS Digital Rebel XSi (EOS 450D, EOS Kiss X2) = 109,679,455
    7. EOS 7D = 93,984,408
    8. EOS REBEL T2i (EOS Kiss X4, EOS 550D) = 92,521,441
    9. D40 = 88,240,712
    10. EOS 40D = 85,734,092

    Although, I don’t think this represents professionals very well, but I just thought I would throw this in.

    Josh Mais

    Kansas City Spaces

  • @Josh – That’s more of a historical look.

  • @Larry – That makes a lot more sense with those older cameras!

    Josh Mais

    Kansas City Spaces

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