This Week In Real Estate Video #106 – Lucas Ramage in Calgary

April 11th, 2014

LucasRamageBruce Lemieux, in Maryland pointed out a real estate agent in Calgary that is doing great work with video. The agent is Lucas Ramage. Lucas is a third generation Realtor that does all the shooting, scripting, voice-over and editing for his video and his work is very good!

Here are several of my favorites from Lucas’s YouTube Channel. :

As you can see, Lucas is very passionate about video!

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #106 – Lucas Ramage in Calgary”

  • First off, Bruce Lemieux does a great job on his video market reports. Perfect information and to the point. Cool website too.

    Now to Lucas Ramage – What impressed me the most is that he’s a realtor and has been making videos for several years. Some really nice stuff here. He’s got a unique style for sure. But there’s some clever videos and it’s worth checking out his Youtube channel if you’re in need of ideas. My only gripe might be the audio quality on some videos. But I like the camera movements and editing. Great work Lucas.

  • So happy to see that you have shared some of my videos here. I put a lot of energy into creating these and the whole idea is that quality makes a project more shareable. I appreciate your critique regarding audio Charlie and I would only say in the last six months since I purchased a Sony lav mic have I really accomplished quality audio. Definitely if you go back to anything of mine only than six months audio quality of my “on camera” work diminishes considerably. Meanwhile it is always these helpful comments that have guided me towards creating ever increasing quality productions. Appreciate the feedback!

  • After Charlie, I think Lucas does some of the best RE videos by an RE agent that I’ve seen. The overall production value is very high with a lot of great motion shots, great script and narration. And, based on youtube views, his videos are getting a lot of exposure which is very difficult to do. There’s room to improve on the quality of the videography, but I think this a function of his equipment. I think he shoots with a T3i.

    I would love thoughts about the new GH4. The quality of the footage looks amazing, but I worry that its smaller sensor make it problematic for real estate (darker interior shots + wide angle). I would like to upgrade with Canon, but unless I’ve got it wrong, all Canon crop-sensor cameras are the same, so to get better video quality, a full-frame 5D Mark III or the 6D is required — is that right?

  • Bruce, Take a look at these short films and the footage on how they were made from Canon shot on a 70D. Might change your mind about needing full-frame.–_-1312-_-leadin&WT.mc_id=EM1312001&RID=1-FENWVV&CON=1-45DW-752&PRO=&CID=1-FAEW91

  • @Bruce Lemieux

    Looks like the Sony A7s is going to be the video camera to get, full frame, ability for 4k output and it looks like it could be the best low light video camera out there, all for 1/2 the price of a Canon c100

  • @Christian – the low-light capability of the A7 looks amazing so far. There’s a lot of new products coming out – think I’ll wait and see for a few months.

  • Low light capabilities is important, but focus more on the dynamic range. Dynamic range in photography / video describes the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities (white and black, respectively). It’s the window-pulls that we all want.

  • Hi Bruce, have no worries about the GH4, or 3 for that matter. It is an excellent system for real estate stills, and video. In actual fact the slightly smaller sensor size is an advantage in that it gives you greater depth of field than a full frame. The quality and resolution of the files are excellent as well. The GH3 is renowned for quality video, and the new GH4 even more so

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