Lightroom 5.4, Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web View

April 8th, 2014

LR5.4Yesterday Adobe released an update to Lightroom, a iPad Lightroom App and a Lightroom Web view feature.

Laura Shoe’s video walks you through all these new Lightroom developments. All of these new things are only available to subscribers of the Creative Cloud. As Laura says, this makes the $9.99/mo subscription even more attractive.

These are all interesting and useful features and probably just the first step in mobile Lightroom functionality. iPhone and Android implementation apparently is on the way.

Update: Now that I’ve had few hours to play around with Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web view they seem a bit crude. I’m still wondering if I’ll have a use for tinkering with Lightroom collections on my iPad. I like the idea of having of having a place to put a slideshow but the slide shows on seem very crude compared to those I can do other places. Hopefully Adobe will polish up both Lightroom mobile and lightroom web view in the future.

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4 Responses to “Lightroom 5.4, Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web View”

  • I tried to download the Lightroom app to my iPad, v.1, and found out that it only works on iOS 7.0. The v.1 iPad won’t update past it iOS 5.1.1. Bummer!

  • @Terry – I feel your pain! I have one of those original iPads too. The reason it won’t run IOS 7 is that the new iPads are many, many times faster that that original iPad. The old one is a slug compared to the new ones with A7 chips. Time for a new iPad! I gave my old iPad to my grandkids and they use it for YouTube videos and angry birds.

  • A tutorial on Lightroom Mobile by Serge Ramelli:

  • A big question for photographers is whether having LR on the iPad is more of a toy than useful tool. For travel photographers who need to travel light and might only need to input keywords and do some sorting, replacing a laptop with a tablet might be fine. For my work of RE, event, PJ and commercial shooting, editing on a tablet doesn’t hold any advantage. I will either have my laptop with me or I will be processing images back at the office. Being able to work on large calibrated monitors is much easier on my old eyes.

    I don’t currently have a tablet computer, but I plan to get one if I buy a CamRanger or similar wireless tethering system. The tablet will likely be a rather cheap one so I won’t cry too much when it gets dropped one time too many.

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