This Week In Real Estate Video #104 – First PFRE Video Contest: Starts 4/15

March 28th, 2014

ContestI’ve gotten requests to do a video contest so I convinced Allan MacKenzie in Brisbane to help me get one off the ground. I know everyone doesn’t like contests but many do and it becomes a catalyst for discussion and learning which is the primary goal. Note- All this doesn’t start until 4/15/2014- that is, entries will not be accepted until 4/15.

Here is the contest rules page and below is the general structure of the contest.

  1. Submission and Discussion: Entrants will submit an entry by submitting a link to their video which can be hosted either on YouTube or Vimeo. I will compile links on the contest page to all the contest entries. This will allow discussion if each video at either YouTube or Vimeo. I’ll post the names of the entrants after a winner is chosen each month. For now, there won’t be any monthly theme like the still photo contest, but every December we’ll choose a PFRE videographer of the year.
  2. Anonymity: As with the still photo contest it would be nice to make the entrants totally anonymous but that’s not totally practical in all cases. I won’t do anything to disclose the identity of entrants and if an entrant wishes to be totally anonymous they can create an anonymous YouTube or Vimeo account and not put any branding on their entry. On the other hand if entrants want to use an existing branded YouTube or Vimeo channel, that’s OK too.
  3. Judging: Allan Mackenzie will act as our initializing judge. He will be the only judge for the first contest. Then monthly winners will be invited to join the video jury so the jury will grow over time.
  4. Schedule: The schedule is offset by 15 days from the PFRE still photo contest. For a detailed schedule see the contest rules page. The still photo contest will run the first half of the month and the video contest will run the second half.

Feel free to give us feedback on this contest setup. Make sure we didn’t miss something. My goal is to make this as simple and easy as possible and provide a venue for discussing real estate property video. It is tailored after the PFRE still contest which seems to be working well.

Update 3/31/2014: Based on the feedback we’ve gotten on the contest setup, we’ve decided to use this new flickr forum to post links to all the video entries. That way there doesn’t need to be any limitations on where entrants host their video for the contest and all the discussion can take place on the flickr forum. I’ll be updating the video contest rule page to reflect this change.

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #104 – First PFRE Video Contest: Starts 4/15”

  • Hi Larry – I’d say that a fair few contenders would also be using iPlayerHD as a hosting site.

  • @Jon – I understand that iPlayerHD is popular. I like it too. The point of using only YT or Vimeo is that it’s a simple way of ensuring that all entries can easily be discussed. My guess is that even those using iPlayerHD 99.9% also have a copy or can easily upload a copy to YT or Vimeo.

  • Is there a way to embed iPlayer videos into your blog the same way that YT or Vimeo are?

  • Actually I’d bet if you asked Wes @ iPlayerHD he’d provide you with the space so that contestants could upload their videos to iPlayerHD and that would ensure their anonymity, unlike YT or Vimeo.

  • @Chuck – The reason I didn’t include iPlayerHD has nothing do to with embedding on the blog. The issue is the discussion of the video. I want to be able to have people discuss the video. With YT and vimeo you can leave comments on the videos… I didn’t see a way to do that with iPlayerHD.

    As I just told Wes, one way to have discussion of the video and not restrict where the video is hosted is to have entrants post a part of the video or a still at flickr and then have a link to the video on flickr. That way the discussion could be carried out on flickr, just like the still contest, and there would be no restrictions on where the video is hosted.

    How does everyone feel about that approach?

  • Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

    Allan and I are going to take your advice. We are going to post the links on a flickr group for this video contest so the discussion can happen there and the flickr entries will have links to each entrant’s video. This means there will be no limitations on where video contest entrants host their video.

    This will make the video contest process almost identical to the PFRE month Still contest.

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