Ethan Tweedie – PFRE 2013 Photographer Of Year Is Interviewed On Hawaii News Now TV

March 18th, 2014

EthanInterviewThis morning (March 18) Ethan Tweedie, PFRE 2013 Photographer Of the year was interviewed on Hawaii News Now in Honolulu. Great job Ethan!

This is at least the second TV interview that Ethan has had since the PFRE jury chose him as real estate photographer of the year. Back in February Ethan told me:

After I won the award I hired a PR person and she did a press release yesterday. It was picked up right away and today I was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate and they did a story on the news this evening. Over 300K viewers in one airing, and it will be aired on the 10pm news as well. That is about a third of the entire population of Hawaii!

Ethan’s media coverage shows what can be done with press releases, either written yourself or by a PR person that has experience at getting the press release around to media outlets.

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14 Responses to “Ethan Tweedie – PFRE 2013 Photographer Of Year Is Interviewed On Hawaii News Now TV”

  • Congrats, Ethan!

  • Awesome! Congrats Ethan!

  • That’s fantastic, Ethan!! Great stuff … congrats!!

  • Awesome job Ethan!

  • Awesomeness mate, congrats!

  • Very cool! Congratulations, Ethan!

  • Many congratulations on your success Ethan!

  • Very cool. 13 hour days at a single house. Now that’s commitment. I love that the listing agent invests in that kind of marketing.

  • Way to go, Ethan! And smart move hiring a PR person.

  • Mahalo Larry for sharing and thank you everyone! It has been a fun ride!

    If anyone needs a PR person feel free to contact me and I will share mine, she is out of Portland.


  • Awesome work! i really admire it, hope to learn enought to do some similar work, congratulations!!
    Take out my hat!

  • Congrats Ethan! Your work is amazing!

  • Congratulations! Totally deserve it… awesome work!

  • Congrats Brah, Just got to see this now. Good Job!


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