This Week In Real Estate Video #102 – D’elegance Parisienne

March 14th, 2014

DeleganceParisienneAllan Mackenzie of Mac Art Visuals in Brisbane, AU was telling me about his recent gig in China for Clipper Motor Yachts Australia. The 8:23 video he did for them is, I think is very well done. The post on his blog tells the whole story.

Since I wanted to look at the video fullscreen on my 27″ monitor I went to Allan’s Vimeo channel to play the video. I’d not  looked at Alan’s Vimeo channel in a while and discovered D’elegance Parisienne. The video Allan did in Palawan Philippines is still one of my all time favorites but I’ve already ranted about that one a couple of times.

I asked Allan how he got that sharp, high contrast look on the golf course sequence of D’elegance Parisienne and why he was using the widescreen aspect ratio. Here’s Allan’s answer:

The French stylised home is one of my personal favourites. This is shot with the 5dMKII and 16-35 lens except for the close ups which are on the 70-300. That effect is all in the grading… I shot the home with a flat profile in camera which I manually set then do the colour grading in post including sharpening and contrast (with with Colorista II). Yea, I love the cinematic crop of 1920 x 810 I think it works well to enhance the overall cinematic effect and feel which goes in hand with the shooting style and music choice. I don’t use it all the time but only when I think it will work or suit the theme.

Cinematic is right! The music Allan has used  helps give this a cinematic feel. It sounds like the music for a major motion picture. Notice that Allan uses the trick of mixing a time-lapse sky with  regular speed video at around 1:54 in the water view.

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3 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #102 – D’elegance Parisienne”

  • Wow. The video done about “his recent gig in China” is excellent story telling. It’s a wonderful piece and I watched the entire 8 minutes. I’d imagine that was not easy to make.

    Nice Allen. As for the video on this page – I love the blinds shot – very clever. And the focus pulls are great. Another great video.

  • Beautiful! I love the color grading and effects. Thanks for sharing the production info.

  • Thanks Charlie & Travis… The China project was quite a challenge in an amazing country. I’d previously been to China in 88′ during my backpacker years so to see the development today was quite extraordinary.

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