This Week In Real Estate Video #100 – Great Example Of Property Video For Low-end Property

February 28th, 2014

CharlieDCharlie Dresen, in Steamboat Springs, CO. showed me an example of a new listing he did a property video for.

I think this is an example that shows that property video can work for property that are not upper-end luxury properties. This listing is a $289,000 1326 SF condo at The Ranch in Steamboat Springs.

Charlie said that he and his marketing coordinator (the lady in this video playing the seller) shot this in 1.5 hours doing 3 takes on each scene and then he spent another 1.5 hours editing. Beware though, Charlie makes this look easy but as regular readers of This Week In Real Estate Video know, Charlie is an accomplished videographer and does video for almost every listing he has whether it’s $289,000 or $2.8 M.

I like the simple story line, the seller talking to a friend one the phone about selling her condo, that is used to tell the complete story of this property. Nice job Charlie! I predict that your marketing coordinator has a bright future in property video and film!

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19 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #100 – Great Example Of Property Video For Low-end Property”

  • Very well scripted, you created a believable story that showcased the condo. Also using video to it’s advantage by showing not telling, things like the washer dryer so cleverly shown but not in the narrative. Having stock footage of the area also was used to a great advantage and shows why everyone should be shooting and logging stock footage for future projects. Do you use searchable meta words or do you have a filing system for your stock footage to keep it easy to find?

  • Once upon a time it was the Aussies that were watched from a far. Now we are looking back across the pond with wonder and marvel at the creativity and master filmmaking on display. Wow Charlie, that was fabulous cinematography and editing. Stylish and slick I loved the anticaption of what was coming next cleverly built to a perfect score. Good job mate.

  • I liked the mixture of narrative to video story telling. It seemed like a great length. Also I enjoy more cinematic movements like these compared to that google glasses thing that made me sea sick last week.

    good job

  • Yeah, this is the look I will be attempting. Ideas are like pop corn in my brain heated by watching this example. Thanks Mr. Dresen.

  • If that doesn’t give you more listing im not sure what will! Fantastic work.

  • Well done, Charlie! To me, that is great RE video. The viewer is not only looking at the property, but you also just want to hear the phone call, which of course describes the property and the area beautifully.
    Something to keep in mind for those higher end properties.

  • Great Job Charlie, I love the way you addressed the less than perfect furnishings, really creative.

  • Thanks Larry for the post. It’s always an honor. For what it’s worth, let me add little to the story.

    — This condo went under contract with multiple offers last week shortly after putting it up for sale.
    — Both offers were from buyers who have not been in the condo. Their information came from the pictures and video – the power of video!
    — Video concept was prompted from talking with the owners and they mentioned “sitting on the deck in the sun and watching skiers.”
    — As for workflow, the Sennheiser EW100 cut production time dramatically.
    — This video was just fun to make. I wasn’t sure it would work until halfway through editing. It was a gamble.

    @ Tom – ; ) Thanks – we thought about using a “Brady Bunch” line, but I edited that out.

  • Very creative! Good job!

  • Really great video, Charlie — nicely creative and well shot. How much time did you spend planning/storyboarding the shots? Seems like that would be an important step to keep the shooting time so efficient.

  • Thumbs up!

    Great creative!

  • Nicely done Charlie. As usual, a great approach and excellent finished product from you. Thanks for the inspiration. I expect to see a new wave of “phone call” property videos hitting the scene now! Who needs drones anymore?

  • This was a great idea for a video.Just Wonderful !

  • Nice job Charlie. Very creative and thoughtful with the phone conversation, walking around with purpose, etc. I realize pricing is all over the place in this business, would you mind sharing what you would charge a realtor for this video? Would it include stills?

  • @Joe – You missed the fact (although I didn’t state it explicitly) that Charlie IS a Realtor… this is his listing, and he’s shooting for himself. There are only a handful of Realtors like Charlie that are capable of this kind of work.

  • Very well done Charlie. And thanks for continuing to provide excellent service to your sellers regardless of what their home is listing for. Wish more agents would treat their business branding as serious as you do!

  • Thanks for all the kudos readers. Always glad to fuel creativity. Feel free to drop me an email if you have other questions.

  • Im from Australia so I have a question – what is all the white stuff on the ground outside ? sand ???

  • Great job Charlie. I’m still the only realtor in Central Oregon shooting my own videos. I started 3 years ago after viewing a video that you shot for a client. Video has become my gateway to more and more listings. Thanks again.

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