February Photographer Of The Month – Now Closed

February 15th, 2014


Sunday 2/16 Feb: Photographer of the month contest is now closed.

As of right now we have 42 entries for the PFRE photographer of the month contest from 10 countries.  We have some pretty amazing photos.  Thanks for all the commenting and favoriting everyone has been doing!

Note that anyone can vote for a photo by clicking on the favorite star in the lower right corner of the photograph. But the final winner is not chosen from the favorite voting… it’s decided by the PFRE jury.

Right now #29 is leading the popularity with 6 favorites and #26 is second with 5 favorites. Starting tomorrow, I’ll turn it over to the jury tomorrow (on 2/16) and they will make the final decision on a winner by next week at this time (2/22).

Thanks again for everyone’s participation!

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6 Responses to “February Photographer Of The Month – Now Closed”

  • Thanks Larry for hosting the POTM contest. It is quite educational. Thanks also to Ally and Tony for their comments, the comments are a great learning tool.

  • Yes, I’m encouraged to see more comments and more favoriting this month. Discussing images can be very educational. Some people think more about how images work that others and everyone can learn from discussing how images work visually.

  • @Larry – The critiques can be useful, but there are a couple of photos where the photographer responded. That sorta blows the anonymity aspect for the judges.

  • @Ken– yes there are more things than the comments that blow the anonymity… the names of everyone is in the EXIF info if you want to know who everyone is. I purposely leave it there for copyright protection and tracing. To me anonymity isn’t an important issue. I think the biggest value of this contest is the opportunity for education. I’m working hard to get more accomplished photographers to comment so people can learn more.

    These kinds of image discussions about composition etc are very valuable, and it’s hard to get this many great photographers together to discuss great images.

  • @Larry – I’m always learning from the critiques. One of these days I will have a photo to submit to the monthly contest. Both when I feel I’ve nailed the composition and it’s a good looking property.

  • Thanks for doing these contests Larry. I rarely enter, but decided to this month, and really appreciated the two detailed comments that were left by the judges. Really helped me understand how I could have made my image even better.

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