This Week In Real Estate Video #98 – Real Estate Video Is Hot In BC

February 14th, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-02-14-at-12.48.45-PM-(2)There’s seems to be a lot happening with property video in Vancouver, BC. After Alex Savage set me the example of one of his recent videos, it occurred to me that I know almost as many talented property videographers in BC as I do in Brisbane AU. So I checked out the phrase “real estate property video” on google trends, and yup, I was right Canada is right under Australia in property video popularity and it’s more popular in BC than any other Canadian province. Check it out, this is scientific stuff! Big-data!

Alex Savage in BC is a professional filmmaker that’s been in the business since 2009. Recently he started researching the real estate video market in BC and he found his local market was saturated with slideshows marketed as video tours and poorly shot videos that looked like they were captured with a point and shoot camera. Alex says:

I set out to produce a higher quality product that could properly showcase a premiere property. It is difficult to get some realtors to look past the video tour companies but once they do, they quickly realize the value in a higher quality video that can set their listing apart and make a lasting impression. This particular video was shot with the Panasonic GH3 and Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 lens.

Fortunately I have already accumulated every tool you would hope to use to film a property including a Sachtler tripod and fluid head, Kessler pocket dolly, Glidecam HD-2000, 12 foot jib, two camera bodies, and 6 lenses.

Even though Alex is just starting out in real estate video his work looks high quality to me!

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4 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #98 – Real Estate Video Is Hot In BC”

  • its a beautiful video that tells the story of what you are watching without the narration. I would like it much better without somebody telling me what I am watching when they did a perfect job of showing me what I was watching.

  • Hi Guys, I couldn’t disagree more with Jon (sorry Jon) as I think a voice over tour of a home is an excellent tool to tell the story and lead people through the home but I have to agree with Jon here that in this case the video would have been better without the voice as it is the weakest link here. There is only one case that I thought did an EXCELLENT JOB at telling the story without voice over but it cost a lot more money to produce.

    I love voice over, but not this one. You indicate on your site you offer professional voice over which implies you’re paying for this service and if you are, I would choose another person as the girl in this video is talking so carefully that she almost doesn’t get the words out and in some cases I don’t even know what she has said. It’s like watching a golf game or tennis match on tv almost. If this is someone you know personally that is doing it for free, I would suggest letting her know this and to be more natural and less pronounced with her speaking as it truly sounds as if she is reading off a card and doesn’t make it sound natural or flowing. Also the recording equipment is very hissy and poppy sounding, she should invest in a good mic and the Blue Yeti is a good affordable start. I can promise you that realtors will complain eventually as they are charging extra for the service and will start to get the same feedback so be prepared.

    I do my own voice overs therefore don’t charge extra for them which helps immensely as I know it’s not cheap having it done. I don’t claim to be the best at it but have been told by professional colleagues and every client that uses me, that my voice is soothing and doesn’t distract from the video which is key when having voice overs. You want it to flow easily and although you’re going to talk about the obvious, try to include things that aren’t obvious like “heated tile floors” or “hot water on demand” or “Oak hardwood floors” etc etc so that you’re informing them on more than what they obviously area seeing.

    I feel some of the shots are very dark and don’t show detail. It tells me you’re either trying to keep the windows exposed at the same time, or that you’re shooting in auto exposure which is a big no no. Don’t worry about windows unless you’re using Magic Lantern and can trick the camera into exposing for both with multi ISO shooting. When you’re showing a room, expose for the room and make sure the white balance is on and adjusted in post if need be. I know some rooms are really tricky but there are plug ins that help in post.

    Keep the tripod a bit lower in some shots because you don’t want to correct for wide angle converging verticals (first shot in basement) Also this shot way too dark.

    The only other thing I would suggest is to work on flow rather than speed. The voice over states at the 31 second mark that the two dining rooms and fireplaces completes the main floor, but then continues into the kitchens which I’m assuming are still on the main floor?? Confusing.

    Keep trucking though guys and you’ll learn very quickly. Agents feedback is very important too so as much as you might not like to hear some of the things they have to say, it will help you grow.


  • We’ll, I don’t mind the narration here. It adds value. I almost want more. Show me more bedrooms and are they on the lower floor or upper floor? At only 1:29, I want to see more. I think it’s a great start and a very cool home.

  • Matt and I always disagreeing….haha

    It has to be a regional thing. What works in market A doesn’t in market B. I guess this is why it is important to have your finger on the pulse of what works in your area.

    I never said narration is bad. I am saying bad narration and/or un-neccesery narration is bad. I don’t really feel that you told me anything in narration that you didn’t tell me with an excellent video.

    I like narration in cases where something not obvious is explained (example – “this is a block from a legendary cat park….”)

    There are a LOT of videos I see that are poor at telling a story and need narration as well. The fact I said I didn’t like it in these video is actually a complement.

    I do agree with Matt (gasp) that I would use a different voice talent in the future.

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