This Week In Real Estate Video #97 – A Masterpiece On West Maui

February 7th, 2014

69KuahuluPlThis week Travis Rowan on Maui has supplied us with a real treat! This wonderful little video is designed to make you fall in love with the 4.55 acre property with 300 feet of waterfront, in Olowalu, Maui. Well it worked for me! I think Travis did a fantastic job on this one! Travis describes the shoot as follows:

The listing agent, Debbie Arakaki, called me and told me she wanted to make a splash and do something a little different with this property. I reviewed her current listing information and photos and had some fun ideas immediately. I met her at the property to walk through it to see if my ideas were realistic and if it was also her vision in marketing the property. She was excited and totally onboard with everything I came up with. This was my most ambitious project to date in terms of storytelling, directing and generally being super organized so we could knock it out in one day.

So we had the storyline. From there, I created a complete shot list over the next week. When I make a shot list for something like this, I number each shot and describe the frame rate, angle, wide, medium, tight, focus rack etc. I knew it was important to have a very defined shot list, especially when working with models or actors. I dread having people standing there asking what to do and not having the answer. Just like the video itself, you have to keep it flowing. It’s also very easy to get distracted here in Maui, with the ever present rainbows, whales and natural beauty of the place. There’s so many directions you can go, but we had a story and a shot list and we were sticking to it. There’s really only a few shots in the video that were not on the list. (butterfly, feet in the grass under the hammock) It worked and most of the shots were done before 1pm. Everyone took a break (except me) and returned for the sunset sequences.

Travis used the following equipment: Nikon D800, Panasonic GH3, GoPro 3 Black, Sony Nex 5N, Cinevate slider, Aviator travel Jib, FCPX, music was from: Travis says he got the aerials by strapping the GoPro to a giant Frigate Bird and got the bird to come back with some wonderbread.

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21 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #97 – A Masterpiece On West Maui”

  • By far the best video I’ve seen that has no voiceover. Loved every second of it…even with the shaky DJI phantom aerial footage. Great job in selling the place. You show exactly what lifestyle you’ll have living in this home and the music pairing was perfect! Stellar job guys!

  • Spectacular work!

    I also use the frigate bird technique for aerials. It works every time!

  • Incredible. Really beautiful. Get the papers together… I’m movin’!

  • Amazing! I want to move in! I do wonder though, did you have to attach a gimbal to the Frigate Bird? LOL

  • Going to confess…I googled Frigate bird because I thought Larry was telling the truth! That’s how gullible I am. Too funny. One of the best videos I’ve seen. It left me disappointed when it was over, I could have watched for another minute or so. But that’s the point of a real estate video isn’t it? Leave them wanting more. Nice job organizing and telling the story.

  • Fantastic work Travis! The use of actors was subtle and worked perfect. It ads so much to a shot like the master bedroom where you can see them in the outdoor shower. In my opinion the time was right on. Like Tery said, you left me wanting more. Perfect song choice, subtle sound effects, good story, slow easy movements and good flow. For me this is the best real estate video I have seen in a long time. I’ll watch this one again for inspiration in the future. Well done.

  • What an amazing video. I appreciate seeing the background info on the shoot.

  • I need a trained frigate bird! Fantastic video!

  • Amazing job Travis! Really the best I have seen to date. I myself have been training a newly acquired Dodo bird for my aerials. I am having trouble getting him off of the ground.

  • Yes, I just checked – if you look up the word ‘masterpiece’ in the dictionary there’s a link to this video.

  • Travis,
    If you don’t mind sharing, what will a video like this cost an agent? Wondering if my agents will drop the bucks even for a fantastic video like this.

  • Travis, you really nailed it! The only thing I don’t like is that it is not one of my listings 🙂

  • Wow, thanks to Larry and everybody for your comments. I really appreciate the praise from so many talented peers. It means a lot.
    @Gene, I’m still figuring out a pricing structure for a production like this as I discover the amount of work involved. Without being specific, this one worked out to be in $2-3K, and that is a Realtor rate. Considering the value that this video adds to the listing AND the agent’s brand, I don’t think I would want to do it for much less than that. Debbie really gets it and is an ideal client. Thanks again to everyone.

  • Travis: WOW! If I only had the $$$$$!!!! For the equipment, I mean! Best dam- video…lots to learn from. Everyone above has it right. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Besides the property, what I loved most was that the story was so complete without narration.

  • I think just about any narration you could add to this would take away from its effectiveness.

    I too am curious how much this costs, not so much for the “rate” more for how you collaborated with the realtor and did that collaboration have any effect on the budget and how long it would take? Were the owners involved?

  • I would be very interested in the cost of something like this as well. Can’t see very many agents being able to afford such an extensive shoot.

  • Unfortunately, that $2K-3K price tag is the biggest problem here. That’s what it SHOULD cost (that’s what it LOOKS like it costs!). But the reality is, at least in my market, I would be hard pressed to find a Realtor who would pay that price for a video for just one property (at least there would not be enough of a demand that I could make a living doing that!). As a videographer, if you don’t charge what you’re worth, you’re really not making a living and just spinning your wheels. If you try and charge what it’s actually worth and the actual time you’re investing, you’re probably not going to be working very often.

    That’s the biggest issue with real estate video. In order to have a viable, full time business model it has to be priced in order to appeal to a large demographic – a demographic (those who “get” the benefit of video) that’s very tiny to begin with. The amount of time, effort and logistics involved in a production of this type is just not realistic for most properties. I can’t see most agents able to justify that type of price for just ONE aspect (video) of their entire marketing budget for that one single property.

  • @Josh – Travis already said the cost was between $2K and $3K. No, agents are not going to do that kind of marketing for a $300K home in Kansas City but this is a $6.25M listing on Maui just south of Lahina! This is upper-end vacation home marketing.

  • @Fred the reason I asked what effect, if any, collaborating with the realtor on this project had on the budget is because I think I’m noticing a trend, all of the realtors I’m working with have left large brokerages in favor of smaller more boutique property marketing firms [for a lack of a better term], where the focus is much more on outreach and integrating the overall marketing. This has fundamentally changed my relationship with these agents.

    Its been my experience over the past six months that these agents are more than willing to spend significant dollars on a well integrated campaign, the first property video that I charged one of these agents was for $5,000, I have produced several with budgets of more than $15,000 and currently we’re beginning a project that will probably exceed $25,000 and is in Oklahoma [I’m in California]. These realtors are producing marketing for moderate sized REITS and they are experiencing a sizable return on their investment.

    I guess my point is that more and more realtors are coming to the realization for the need to manage their marketing differently, if all I did was continually offer to video a property for approximately $750 for example then my relationship would not have changed. I think its a trust issue. I can’t speak for Brett Clements but I think he was trying to fundamentally change the relationship between the marketing of property and selling property. A lot of the discussion at the time was about whether such an entertaining approach with lots of views made any difference, we might have been missing the point. I haven’t seen him on this blog in quite a while, my guess is that he’s busy knocking it out of the park.

    Your probably right about the small percentage of listing agents who “get” the benefit of video, but I think the percentage of property buyers and sellers who “get” the benefit of a good marketing campaign is growing exponentially so I have chosen not to help the realtors who don’t “get” it re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m too old to try and shoot in excess of 300 property videos a year for anything under $1000 to make this a profitable business.

  • @Chuck – Well made points for sure! I would be interested in seeing some of your work on those large budget projects, but there’s no link included with your name to your website.

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