PFRE Photographer Of The Month Contest Closes At Midnight – Vote For Your Favorite

January 15th, 2014

TwilightShotsThe PFRE Photographer Of the Month Contest closes today when it’s not Jan 15 anywhere.

Update: Contest is now closed for January

As of 11AM Pacific we have a 34 great twilight shots already entered from all over the world (AU, FR, NL, CA and all over the US).

I’d like to point out that even though the official winner of this contest is chosen by the PFRE jury, anyone can quickly and easily “vote” for their favorite image each month by just being logged in to flickr and clicking the little star in the lower right corner of your favorite photo. If you click on the star a second time it will reverse your vote.  The star will display the number of people that have favorited each photo. This favorite voting is much like the Facebook, like button. Right now entry number 12 has the most favorites. As you can see there’s a link on the left side under each photo that will show who (using flickr names) has favorited each photo.

So I encourage everyone to vote for your favorite photo in the contest. This voting is a quick and easy way to give input to the jury and identify the most popular entries in the contest.

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4 Responses to “PFRE Photographer Of The Month Contest Closes At Midnight – Vote For Your Favorite”

  • Boy, did I ever pick a bad month to start entering!
    Some fabulous shots, that’s for sure.

  • Ha! I was just thinking the same thing, Jim. I know which one of the group is my favorite, and unfortunately it wasn’t my own submission. 🙂

  • Ha, ha! I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I’m not getting such high-end listings at this time, so what I submitted kind of pales in comparison. Though it did get quite a few “likes” – which surprised me.

  • Every month is a good one to join. I think submitting your photos helps you see how your’s stack up to other photographers top shots. Hopefully you win, but if you don’t then hopefully you can see how you can improve. It should be a learning experience for all that enter as well as those who just view them.
    This is however my favorite month because twilight shots are so amazing. Lot’s of strong photos in there.

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