LightTrac Is Now Available On Windows 8

January 8th, 2014

LightTracWin8We’ve covered the expanding use of LightTrac through the last few years. LightTrac is an app that helps you figure out the details of what the light is going to be doing at any given time and location. This can be a big help at getting great exterior shots of a property.

LightTrac has been available for IOS and Android devices for some time but as of just a few days ago it’s also available for Windows 8 devices. $4.99 in the Microsoft App store. If you are not sure about it there’s a free trial.

The developers tell me they’ve been getting a lot of requests for getting LightTrac on Windows 8.

I’m not sure how many Windows 8 users there are out there because when I look a the PFRE blog google analytics it’s not clear how to identify Windows 8.

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7 Responses to “LightTrac Is Now Available On Windows 8”

  • I’ve been very happy with The Photographers Ephemeris. It’s free for desktops and inexpensive for iOS and Android devices.

  • …And I’ll chime in with Sun Surveyor. There’s a free “lite” version and a paid ($6.99?) full version. I have it on my Android phone, and it works great. You can look at sun/moon tracking over a compass, over a map, over live view camera, as well as see rise/set/twilight times.

    I love the live view mode (full version only) because I can point my camera toward the mountains and know exactly how long I have before the sun sets behind them. Plus it impresses clients, and that’s worth as much as the actual features.
    Larry, I like the new “notify me” options in comments! They are new, right? Or maybe I never scrolled down far enough to see them.

  • @Jeff – yes they are new… I implemented some updates to WordPress Jetpack last night and I think those features are from Jetpack. There are probably other features I haven’t noticed yet.

  • used light trac on my android for about 2 years …it has saved me gas and scheduling time is easier, its cheaper to use a tool like this any way you look at it. I preplan my shots…but you can’t use on new construction without knowing the location of the house, that’s the only draw back

  • The Photographers Ephemeris is my go to iMac desktop app. I use it for every job! Works great and it’s free!! I’m all set before I even leave my house and for some of my commercial multi-family/retail jobs that are out of town or a long drive, this is a life saver! I’m sure they all give the exact same info but this one for free is hard to beat!

  • I can’t find The Photographers Ephemeris in App store. Where to find it?

  • @Karl, the link is above to the authors web site.

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