This Week In Real Estate Video #90 – Santa Fe Life Style/Queensland Luxury

December 27th, 2013

SantaFeI recently heard from Tom Coplen in Austin, TX: Tom says:

I just recently completed this new “chamber of commerce” style of video for a house we own in Santa Fe. It is designed to capture the feel of Santa Fe and not be property specific, but it encompasses lot’s of real estate video techniques.

I’ve featured Tom’s work before. He shoots stills and video in the Austin area. Here is another of Tom’s property videos. Tom’s property videos have a unique, relaxed style.

Adrienne Dufficy’s video of this Queensland luxury home caught my attention recently when she tweeted a link to it. What captured my attention on this video is the smooth slow slider moves and the light, bright, wide-angle views. It seems like the light, bright, wide part is perhaps the Australian style of shooting. I see it a lot in Australian property video. I like the overall feel of the video although some would complain that it is shot too wide. I’d be interested to hear from Australian shooters and others if this wide look in property video and stills is more in demand in Australia than other areas.

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #90 – Santa Fe Life Style/Queensland Luxury”

  • As a realtor, I struggle with the wide shooting as well. I truly think the public wants the whole picture when they view a property online. The marketer in me says tease them to call their realtor to view the property rather than show them all the goods through the virtual tour. Do we give consumers what they want? Or do we represent our seller and explain the benefits of shooting just enough to cause the consumer to take action? In the end, I prefer the latter even though when I’m looking for property, I want to see it all as a consumer. Thoughts?

  • There are so many ways to think about this. I guess it depends on who you think the customer is, your client who hired you to sell the property or the people your trying to attract to purchase the property.

    Most home buyers are pretty busy and chances are they’re surfing online to weed out any undesirable properties and create a short list of properties they want to look at. There’s probably some criteria that has to be met to make the list, if your video is a “teaser” marketing video you run the risk that it won’t meet the requirements to be on the list.

    Also todays buyers are more media and marketing savvy and have become more skeptical. Some realtors don’t want to show small bedrooms and leave them out of the presentation, nothing alerts the viewer to the fact that there might be a problem with the bedrooms more than leaving them out.

    Every property is different but a better approach might be to shoot all you need, both wide and closeup, to capture the essence or to communicate a lifestyle so that the viewer can picture themselves in that property.

    I would think you always give consumers what they want.

  • Very nice! The GoPro dirt bike ride scene was too long otherwise a great look at SantaFe

  • I like the video and have been to Sante Fe, it has a good fell but the bicycle trail segment was too long. Liked the front gate shots!

  • Sorry that’s a “feel” not a “fell” !

  • Thanks for the comments on the Santa Fe video and for taking the time to watch it. You guys are right, the mountain bike clip is too long! I had so much fun filming it I got a bit self-indulgent in my editing process! I may film some snow skiing clips this week and cut the biking in half and add the snow clips. More fun if nothing else, right?

  • I love it. I feel like I have a decent understanding about the area. And it looks very appealing. Makes me want to visit.

  • Santa Fe! If you have room on your bucket list Santa Fe needs to be added!

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