This Week In Real Estate Video #89 – Kukio On The Big Island

December 20th, 2013

KukioThis last week while I was soaking up rays and Mai Tai’s on Waikiki, Andy Carlson in Kona (on the Big Island) told me he had just launched a new website ( that markets Golf and Beach Club is a private residential equity club located on the Big Island of Hawaii about 10 minutes from the airport at Kona. Here is Andy’s description of the project:

Back in July, I started working for Kukio, on the big island of Hawaii, full time to help them market their homes and club. I’ve helped to create a lot of new marketing material including post cards, photo books, brochures, and most importantly designed a new website- We just launched the site on Friday. The concept is very simple, we wanted big bright photos to tell the story of the lifestyle as opposed to long paragraphs of marketing fluff. The homes here are absolutely fantastic so we thought it thought it was more important to push the lifestyle knowing that if we could get buyers to fall in love with the way of life, a nice home would be easy to find. That’s not to say we skimped on the marketing of the homes and land. I’ve created a video for nearly every home and will have all homes finished by the end of the year. In the interest of time, we’ve kept the videos pretty simple. We upped the size of the home photos, created share buttons, and added a favorites button that works kind of like a shopping cart so you look through all the homes and be able to quickly get back to the ones you like. I shot probably 2/3 of the home photos, but a few were also done by Ethan Tweedie, and the rest were done by sea light studios from kauai. On the land listings we created a design concept layover that allows buyers to imagine what a home might look like on the lot.

I think Andy has done a great job with both the life-style video and the property videos!

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #89 – Kukio On The Big Island”

  • Great video of the dolphins. Was part of it done with that ‘strap to your head’ type camera, GoPro?

  • A M A Z I N G ! Where to start. The video is excellant story telling. A true essence “snap shot” of a couple locals. It’s feels authentic and to the core. A wonderfully made video. The website is just as amazing. The photos are blissful and pull me in to want more. I could not get enough.

    Even the property videos, at least this one is just simple, clean and tell the story.

    Huge success in my mind.

  • Who did there site, love it!

  • Thanks you guys.

    Peter- The dolphins were mostly shot with my 5dii in a water housing.

    Charlie- I cant take credit for the through the lens lifestyle video. That was done by one of our members. It really is a special video about island life. I did the other lifestyle videos and all the property videos.

    Matt- I created the layout and the site was coded by Malino Oda. We are still working on some fun updates. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Andy,

    Awesome job on the site, photography and video, just stunning and proud to know you!!

    Mele Kalikimaka!


  • Thanks Ethan, it’s a real weight off having that thing live. Merry Christmas!!

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