Kramer Levin Launches UAS Practice Group

December 18th, 2013


Today (Dec 18,2013) Kramer Levin, the company that is representing Raphael Pirker’s landmark UAV case that we’ve been following announced that they are launching a group specializing in UAV legal issues.

“The landmark case we are litigating will have enormous regulatory and economic implications for the industry’s future,” said Brendan Schulman, special counsel at Kramer Levin who has two decades of hands-on experience with unmanned aircraft and understands how the technology works and how to apply it safely and effectively. “This is a game-changing moment for forward-thinking businesses, and we are here to assist our clients navigate legal issues so they can become the next decade’s pioneers in their industries.

So anyone needing legal advice in the area of commercial UAV operation would be wise to consult with Brendan.


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One Response to “Kramer Levin Launches UAS Practice Group”

  • Time for coffee… I read, “UAS Practice Group” and imagined a group of people in an open field testing their flying skills. :).

    It seems like a wise decision for them to specialize in the very niche market, that will almost certainly be growing over the next several years. Also a nice resource for interested real estate photographers to have available. Great news!

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