This Week In Real Estate Video #88 – A Resource For Getting Started With Video

December 13th, 2013

DaveDugdaleI talk to a lot of readers that want to get started learning real estate video and need some basic resources for learning to use a DSLR for video. Much of the basics of shooting property video is just a matter of learning about shooting video with a DSLR.

Dave Dugdale has created a bunch of tutorials about the basics of getting started with shooting video with DSLRs. He covers the Canon T4i/650D, T3i/600D, T5i/700D, 6D, and 5Dmkiii. These tutorials would be a good thing to have under your belt before jumping into more intensive instruction like Malia Campbell’s 2 day workshop.

Dave also has a nice little video about the basics of doing property video. He has a bunch of ideas that those just starting out may find useful.

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9 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #88 – A Resource For Getting Started With Video”

  • Dave is a great resource. I find his videos very informative and his casual style makes them easy to watch. His reviews are educational and has help me make purchasing decisions.

  • Wow, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

  • OK real estate agents out there, this is an INVALUABLE resource, especially the early stuff. When I teach photography classes to agents I refer them to Dave’s site. Lately, Dave seems to have moved toward more reviews. You have to go back a couple years where he starts exploring the art itself and that’s where a lot of the incredible educational content lies. That said, I watch it all.

    He has a couple of good real estate videos where he shot a ski condo for a friend. It is refreshing to see someone who doesn’t normally shoot real estate creatively work a project from start to finish.

    There are 4 guys I give all the credit to my video and photography skills since I started the journey 3 years ago. Scott Hargis, Larry Lohrman, Dave Dugdale, and Charlie Dresen. You guys are awesome. Grateful and blessed by your knowledge.

  • Yep +1 for Dave Dugdale. Have spent many an hour watching Dave’s informative vids.

    Just a plug for another fella with lot’s of great info on video for DSLR’s, check out Nitsan Simantov – Google will get you there.

  • For Dave Dugdale – I’ve been going around to open houses for the last few weekends chatting with agents. I’ve had four requests for video. I tell them my camera will do video and I need more training before I can offer it as a service. I noticed all your courses are for Canon, I use a Sony a57, would your courses apply to my camera too?

  • Another +1 for Dave’s videos. He is great to watch. Never boring, and very informative. You ROCK Dave!!!

  • Is there anyone to teach how to use the Nikon 5100 for video. Dave’s looks great, I guess the same concepts apply for all DSLR camera’s.

  • Yes, there isn’t that much difference between DSLR’s the real differences are post production, not just the need to learn the NLE of your choice but all the utilities necessary to finish and post the video online, the lighting is different, adding camera motion etc.. As far as the technology the camera is about all that is in common, its really a different business.

  • I have a simular product. I am in the Sarasota Fl market and was wondering what you are pricing a video like that for? Does it include video along with the still photography and a virtual tour with the video embedded etc?

    thank you

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