Lighting Interiors Second Edition is Now Available

December 1st, 2013

LightingInteriorsPostThe Second Edition of Lighting Interiors by Scott Hargis is now available. We kept our commitment to getting the second edition out in November but just barely. As of Friday 11/29 19:20 PST the second edition became available:

  • If you purchased Lighting Interiors after that time you got the second edition delivered in your download.
  • Shortly after that time I triggered the mechanism that sent a free download link to everyone who had purchased the first edition.
  • If you purchased a copy of the first edition and haven’t gotten your 2nd edition download link contact me here and let me know what e-mail address you used to purchase the first edition, and I’ll get you a copy of the second edition. The e-mail address you used to make the purchase is your verification of purchase.

What’s new in the second edition?

  1. New vertical layout designed to work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and  when printed. If you read it on a large screen or laptop use the 2 page side-by-side format available in all PDF readers. On tablets the vertical mode works best. If you print it on a laser printer, the standard duplex double sided page printing now works nicely. The page count is increased from 107 to 277 partly because of increased material that Scott covers but also partly because the font size has increased, and the layout is now less cramped.
  2.  Four new chapters: Ceiling Fans, Good Light, Speed Kills and Out of The Box. All brand new content.
  3. Expansion of existing chapters. The post processing chapter has increased from 11 pages to 33 pages in the second edition. Other chapters are updated but didn’t increase as much as the post processing chapter.
  4. A series of stunning chapter head photos. This is my favorite part of the update. Scott also added an appendix like section at the end of the book that explains the background of each of chapter head photos.

I am very proud to be helping Scott produce this e-book. To me it’s clear that the first edition has become a classic because of the detail that Scott’s real estate shooting technique is documented and demonstrated and the number that we’ve sold all over the world. This second edition refines what is already a classic book and makes it even better. This e-book along with Scott’s video series is the best way to learn how to shoot real estate.

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9 Responses to “Lighting Interiors Second Edition is Now Available”

  • Thanks, I downloaded it last night. Impressive and love the layout. Now to get it over to my iPad from a PC.

  • @Larry…Is there any way to update the email in your records to a more current email? I am one of those with what is now a dormant email, but was primary at the time of the original purchase. While it has 2486 unread new emails, with your earlier blog post that was coming, I cleared out a months worth to keep an eye on truly new, and saw it last night. However, searching by you last name, noted several that I didn’t see. I retired both aol and yahoo accounts with pseudo-anonymous names when I needed to sound professional, currently using them for sites that demand an email and will generate unwanted garbage/spam. With the transition from aol, I resurrected an unused gmail account with my actual name that my son told me to create when Google first started – now if he had just told me to buy their stock! Other emails are those directly related to several web sites, but they are very specific while gmail is more general.

  • Received my download, thank you. Wanted to say thanks for allowing 5 downloads too. Now I can easily download to my office, personal pc’s and tablets so that I have a copy handy to look at wherever I am.

    Once the holiday weekend aftermath dies down, look forward to reviewing it.

    Thanks again.

  • I said it on Scott’s site and I’ll say it again here. If you are starting off in interiors photography, this should be at the very top of your reading list.

    The second edition is more than twice as long as the original, and the original was well worth the price. He has added several new examples with either a setup diagram or a photo showing lighting placement. And there’s a whole “behind the curtain” section that has sample images alongside paragraphs about composition or lighting choices he made for each.

  • I just clicked through it. Looks really good and I’m excited to study it in more detail. Thanks!!

  • Thanks everyone — so far the response has been great. The un-sung hero in this deal is Larry, who had the unfortunate task of having to lay out the entire book from scratch, AND put up with my endless nit-picking over tiny details.

    To paraphrase something I heard Itzhak Perlman say at a concert once (he was talking about a contemporary composer) — it’s easy to have a first edition. Getting a second edition is much harder. This makes me feel proud.

    Thanks, Larry! And Thanks to everyone who supports the effort by buying a copy!

  • Thank you Scott and Larry for the great update second edition!

    I’ve been in professional photography for 50 years, and I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good photo. If I had a home for sale, I’d hire the best professional agent I could to sell it. What amazes me is these highly professional agents either photograph the homes with their cell phones or they get the cheapest snapper to do the photos. They seem to love the highly over processed wild color HDR snaps with the camera turned all angles full of distortions. And I’ve seen this not only with the under $200,000 homes, it’s with the $10,000,000 homes too! To them, this is professional photography!

    I recently moved to New Mexico and I found one agent who has a degree in art, loves my work and said I’m a step above any other photographer she’s seen. I’ve photographed four under 3.000sqft homes for homes for her at $150 . She has helped get in touch with other agents who like my work but they say I’m over priced and I need to lower my price to $99 or less then they may give me work. They don’t care about the photo quality, only price. This includes the number one broker agent who sells the most homes in the state. I will not lower my price.

  • @Jerry K

    If you ever sell your house, tell these agents they need to lower their commission in order to compete for your listing.

  • @Jeff

    Great idea! Or how about, I’ll lower my price 30% if you lower your commission by 30%. Maybe they would understand that.

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