This Week In Real Estate Video #86 – The Case For Real Estate Video

November 29th, 2013

VideoThis little video by On One Media in Ottawa and Toronto makes the case for using property video particularly for upper-end properties.

Of course this video is talking to agents, not home buyers. I think it’s a great example of the marketing message property video producers need to be getting to agents.

A related example comes from Brett Clements of PlatinumHD in Brisbane. Brett told me a few days ago about one of his clients  who has totally bought into the importance of video to the point that PlatinumHD provides McGrath, one of the pioneering real estate portals in Australia, with a complete infrastructure for embedding video in their website and has provided over 2,000 video productions since March. just went over the 500,000 video viewer mark.

It’s worth pointing out that Australia has repeatedly demonstrated that they are ahead of the rest of the world in real estate marketing. This is likely just another example.

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13 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #86 – The Case For Real Estate Video”

  • That is a great video! The voice over is incredible. The length is perfect and the editing is spot on. If all RE videos were on par with this ad reel, I would watch a few. Sadly, most RE video that I see are very poor and compare directly with agents shooting stills with their phones. Come to think of it, some of the videos I have seen look like they were shot with a phone.

    I’d love to have the budget to put something like it together for stills to feature on my website.

  • my husband has pro equipment and pro editing software. for stills, you could use something simple like animoto. if you buy a certain level of membership it will allow you to take out their name and put in all of your own info instead. might be worth a look.
    and my husband is always looking for new clients 😉

  • The video from On One Media is excellent. I think the reason it is successful is because it tells a good story, gives compelling arguments and has incredible editing. The voiceover is very well done as well. Great job! Wish you could license it out to all of us with the video ending in our contact information!

  • Karen – we use Animoto all the time, but no matter how good the Animoto is, it doesn’t reach this level. We use our animoto with video, time-lapse and stills – voice over and text/graphics. Its great for the mass marketing, but for specialty marketing – the production quality must be like this On One Media.

  • @Karen, I have the editing software, no problem there. I would want to hire a VO actor, a good writer and a good director/editor. All of these things cost money to get the quality that I would want, so I’ll have to wait.

    I freelance for a small production company in the LA area as a location sound engineer and know the people I would want to use on the project. I just can’t ask them to work for free.

  • It amazes me how often I see videos on youtube or vimeo where the voice is either Australian or British, not American. I think you’re spot on in saying that the Australians are ahead of the curve, as this doesn’t even exist yet in my market (Northern Wisconsin). I wonder if they’re just more keen on trying new things and taking risks?

  • @Ryan – I don’t know all the reasons but one advantage the Australians had was their economy and RE market didn’t seem to crash like it did in US and EU from 2008-2012.

  • @Ryan, I think a lot of countries are ahead of the US when it comes to marketing properties, probably in part because their real estate markets have been depressed longer than the US market and people are having to figure out how to be more competitive. Also their process for selling real estate has changed. In the US its almost as if the relationship between seller and agent has become antithetical.

    As far as editing goes and not meaning to take anything away from the quality of this video, this is not sophisticated editing. Anyone can easily accomplish this with Premiere Pro or FCPX on a laptop. It requires that you learn it but its not that difficult. VO is all over the internet, its easy to get good quality and inexpensive and you can choose whatever accent or language you like. Graphics go along way to adding a more expensive look and are inexpensive and easy to add. What really makes this video stand out is the writing.

    Here’s a corporate real estate investment trust video that I recently produced, the VO was done online, I shot most if it and edited it, the client wrote it and we licensed the music from an online stock music library.

    The real challenge that comes up time and time again, I know because I keep bringing it up, is getting someone to pay for it. I would guesstimate that once you had the script this video took two or three days to shoot and a day to post. So what do you think that’s worth? Whatever that number is I can almost guarantee its more than a broker or agent is willing to pay. For some reason agents and brokers want to be able to produce this level of video in four hours and expect someone who has invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and training to produce this for $200.

    This is why most property videos are not worth the time to watch them.

  • With all due respect I much prefer the On One Media video. Too much text gives a film a Powerpoint presentation feel and sure, graphics can add sophistication when done properly, but OOM’s piece didn’t need them. The visuals were powerful, the voice over and narrative were compelling, the editing was engaging, not too slow and not too much boring narrative/interview. I thought it was great!

  • I didn’t say it wasn’t great nor was I comparing one video to the other. I was pointing out to others who thought the VO and editing were great that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to accomplish this. I paid $100 for the VO in the “Corporate” video that I posted and in both videos it is primarily cuts only. Simply pointing out that the tools and resources necessary for this type of production are readily available and reasonably inexpensive which was what I thought was the point of this forum.

    So I guess if you want to turn this into a popularity contest you can do that, but with all due respect I guess the only way that we get constructive criticism from you these days is if we pay for it.

    And OOM’s video did have graphics.

  • @Chuck

    A little harsh with the unnecessary cheap shot? Sounds like someone is a little jealous…

    Im pretty sure many people will tell you Malia has always helped out where she can.

    When you decided to post YOUR work in a blog post about others work….you essentially opened the door for comparison unfortunately.

    And this isn’t a forum, its a blog. The VFRE forum is for posting your work, not in a blog showcasing other companies work.

  • I have been browsing listings lately and seeing so much bad real estate photography that it’s hard to imagine these people going to video, and if they did it would look like a shaky cell phone video from 2003 haha… But the one who are doing it right are absolutely KILLING it.

    When will more agents realize that CURB APPEAL applies online, too?


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