Photomatix 5.0 Released – What’s New?

November 27th, 2013

Photomatix5HDRsoft Recently release a new version of Photomatix. This software is very popular with real estate photographers. So what’s new? Here’s a condensed list:

  • New Tone Mapping method named Contrast Optimizer. It gives realistic looking results, while preserving details in shadows and highlights.
  • New Fusion method intended for real estate photographers. It is designed to handle the challenging dynamic range of interior photos, giving a natural-looking presentation of both the room and the view seen through the window.
  • Option to enable Exposure Fusion when a single RAW file is loaded.
  • Automatic Deghosting offers additional options: You can adjust the deghosting strength and choose the exposure used to fill in missing details, with the help of a preview of the deghosted image.
  • Updates in Batch of Bracketed Photos: You can now select a Preset directly from the main batch window, and can also batch process each set with multiple presets and custom settings.
  • More options on Workflow Shortcuts panel. In particular, ability to return with one click to the last session to process the image again with different settings.
  • Option to refresh Preview continuously as slider moves, or in other words, “real-time” refreshing. You can enable it on the General section of the Preferences dialog. Note, however, that this option is only enabled when your OS is 64-bit.

Here’s some perspective on these features from real estate photographers using the new version.

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6 Responses to “Photomatix 5.0 Released – What’s New?”

  • I had Vs 4 so the upgrade was free.

    I haven’t tried it with a proper HDR but I used the Contrast Optimizer plugin in LR on a single RAW file and its pretty impressive. A big improvement, does not look like an HDR, which technically is isn’t.

    Nothing I couldn’t have achieved in LR but once I figured out how to roundtrip the image from LR to Photomatix it was quick and easy. Not a substantial upgrade but if processed HDR images look this photo realistic it makes Photomatix and HDR useful tool.

    Its nice to be so pleasantly surprised by an upgrade that didn’t cost me anything.

  • This is from regarding upgrade options.

    The upgrade to Photomatix Pro 5 is free of charge for customers who purchased a license of Photomatix Pro version 4 from the website.

    If you bought a license before Photomatix Pro 4.0 was released, i.e. before October 2010, you can upgrade to Photomatix Pro 5 for US$29.

    If you bought the license from the website, you will receive the appropriate upgrade information after submitting the form below. If you bought from another reseller, please contact the other reseller.

    Please enter the email address you used to order a license.

    Email address:

    In case you do not have access to the email address you used to order anymore, please use this form.

    If you received a complimentary license from us, it may be recorded in our database, so please try submitting the form above with the email address you used when you contacted us.

    If you bought on Amazon the Photomatix Pro 4 software box sold by HDRsoft or Amazon, the upgrade to version 5 is free, and you do not need a new license key (Note: this does not apply to Photomatix Pro boxes sold by other resellers than HDRsoft or Amazon).

  • Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now available from
    Is PhotoShop even necessary if I have Lightroom 4 and can purchase Perfect Photo Suite 8?

  • @Jeff – Yes, you are right, once you get up to speed with the OnOneSoftware plugins in Perfect Photo Suite 8 you can do all of the layering and masking things that the world has depended on Photoshop for, for all these years.

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  • The new changes sound interesting, if not compelling, but the big question is, did they do anything to improve speed? That’s the main reason I abandoned Photomatix in the first place.

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