Adobe Let’s Anyone Do Their $9.99 LR/PS Deal Until Dec 2, 2013

November 26th, 2013

Photoshop-for-photographers-1Remember the Adobe Creative Cloud deal I talked about back in September? Well Adobe has a limited time deal (until Dec 2, 2013) where they will offer it to anyone, even if you don’t have PS CS3, like the previous version of this deal.

Here is the Adobe page that has all the details and links to sign up.

Even if you are not a fan of Creative Cloud the only way you are going to get access to future updates to Photoshop you are going to have to subscribe to Creative Cloud, and this  looks to me like the cheapest way to do it.

I signed up yesterday mainly because I can’t live without Photoshop, and this is a cheap way to get both PS CC and LR going forward.

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10 Responses to “Adobe Let’s Anyone Do Their $9.99 LR/PS Deal Until Dec 2, 2013”

  • I am thinking about it, even though I otherwise qualify. It gives me the opportunity to re-allocate with additional computers than two, such as my wife’s. Deactivate my existing Photoshop and Lightroom and reinstall on her computer. Don’t really know of what to think of Behance. Looks like it is simply a personally owned “Flickr type” display only. Now, if they had ramped it up as a delivery platform with payment capabilities, that would have been sweet. I guess you need DreamWorks (or possibly Muse??) for that.

    While I have resisted making the transition to the cloud and dependency on Adobe’s future “adjustments/pricing” they may be on the right track with this photographer package. Even better would be a variation of the it, Perhaps $9.99 modules that you blend together to customize what you actually use rather than the full blown CC. Perhaps a video module, or a design and web module at $9.99 each, with all three totaling $29.97. Don’t overlap components like the do (did) with Creative Suites, just make them al a carte modules at $9.99 each. As it stands now, if you want one other program other than what is provided on the Photographer package, that $9.99 suddenly becomes $49.99.

  • DreamWorks? I don’t know where that came from and no edit capability to correct. I meant Dreamweaver.

  • @LarryG: In addition to the $9.99/month photography plan, there’s a single-app plan where each application costs $19.99/month.

  • Adobe kind of surprised me. Last month I signed up for a year subscription to Photoshop CC for $19.99/month. The contract stipulates that you must pay 50% of the remaining contract should you elect to cancel before the year is up.

    When I heard about the $9.99 Photographer Package I contacted Adobe to see if they would let me switch my subscription without having to pay the 50% early cancellation penalty. They made the switch in a matter of minutes and did not charge the penalty.

  • Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now available from
    Is PhotoShop even necessary if I have Lightroom 4 and can purchase Perfect Photo Suite 8?

  • Since Adobe doesn’t steal my purchased PS CS6 from me when I sign in for the Creative Cloud and I will be able to use it even I cancel the cloud subscription in the future, it would be a no-brainer.

    Would be, if Adobe would charge me with the same price I would be charged when I would live in the US.

    Here in Germany we are getting screwed (like before with the boxed versions) and have to pay € 12,29 per month including tax. This is $ 16,70 per month and this doesn’t sound that nice to me anymore.

    Is tax included in the $ 9,99 you guys have to pay in the United States??

    And the price of $ 9,99 / € 12,29 is guaranteed just for the first year and it is obvious that Adobe will rise the price for the subscription after this period.

  • @Andreas – Local taxes are on top of the $9.99 and yes, that price is guaranteed for one year, not for ever.

    There’s a whole set of customers that will end up eventually dropping Photoshop, but not everyone needs Photoshop. Lightroom can already handle 95% of what real estate photographers need and plugins will be available for the rest.

  • Thank you Larry!

    Then the difference to Germany is not that big if tax is not included in the $ 9.99. € 12.29 minus 19% tax is € 10.33 is about $ 14.00.

    Nothing is forever in life but what if Adobe double the price after the first year?

    It’s a hard decision to make because I already own LR 5 and PS CS6 boxed Versions.

    I can’t imagine to switch over to an alternative software and start from the scratch learning all that stuff.
    And from my point of view there is nothing insight what could be an alternative to PS.

    Aaahhhh! Don’t know what to do! 😉

  • Thank you Larry! I hadn’t taken the plunge with CC…so this was a great opportunity.

  • Ok – Thanks to this link, I’ve been on a Photoshop tutorial learning curve BENDER! I was using Lightroom and Elements before – hence thee need for a learning curve.

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