Real Estate Photography and Videography Workshops Announced

November 25th, 2013

WorkshopsWinter2013Today Scott Hargis and Malia Campbell announced that they will be doing workshops in San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta this winter.

Scott will be doing a 1-day Lighting For Real Estate Photography workshop similar to the over 50 workshops that he’s done all over the world for the last 6 years. And Malia will be doing a new 2-day Filmmaking for Real Estate workshop. They will have the schedule setup so you can take either workshop or both workshops in each location.

I think these workshops are a great opportunity for anyone that wants to take their skills in real estate photography and real estate filmmaking to the next level.

To get all the details, and sign-up see the announcement on Scott’s blog and the workshop website. I suggest you act quickly, these workshops will sell out in a hurry!

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19 Responses to “Real Estate Photography and Videography Workshops Announced”

  • I’m happy to see the SE USA finally getting some workshop love! I’m planning on going all four days if my schedule permits. If anyone is considering doing the Atlanta dates, I highly encourage it as we dont get many opportunities to learn from the masters like this, at least not right here in our own backyard…

  • Unfortunately I’m a bit far from all the US locations here in lonely old Denver. But Scott, if you’re watching and ever intend to do something in this area, there are some terrific modern homes in Boulder (or great big tough-to-light log homes in Michael Yearout’s neighborhood).

  • Larry,

    I’m sure there are people who would love to attend the workshops in the
    Baltimore/Washington/Wilmington/Philadelphia corridor. I being one of them.

    Any possibility?



  • Iran, shouldn’t you be teaching workshops instead of attending them? Between you, Scott, and Mike Kelley, I’ve learned a considerable amount about interiors photography.

  • +1 to Iran’s comment. Looking forward to the workshop coming to Atlanta!

  • These are going to be good fun, for sure! Iran is a great photographer already, and if he shows up it’ll make the experience even better for me as well as everyone else. There are a lot of reasons why taking a workshop is a good idea, regardless of your skill set. If you think the instructor has something worthwhile to offer, then of course that’s a prime consideration. But the group dynamic plays a large role, as well (this is why I don’t do one-on-one stuff). I learn, everyone learns, from each other. You make friends, business contacts, and discover resources you never knew about.

    There’s also a huge benefit psychologically from making time and budget for personal development. Carving out space that’s entirely about YOU and your photography — No Clients Allowed.

    These workshops will be even more of a rich experience from the fact that Malia will be there, teaching video. Think about the pre- and post-workshop mixers, where in addition to still photography (and the inevitable iPhone photo-frenzy) there will be VIDEO people….I guess I’ll have to be on my best behavior, gulp…

  • Hey
    Don’t forget Chicago There is a market here for Knowledge
    as well.

  • Jeff, Scott summed up my views on this quite well. It’s not so much that I’m looking to learn something that I have no clue in doing, but rather getting a fresh perspective from other people whom are obviously at the top of their game, or close to it anyway. Even though we are all more or less doing the same thing (photographing interiors), it’s observing the idiosyncrasies and seeing someone else’s approach that is valuable. At this stage in the game for me, its all about refining what I already know. If I pick up a few new tricks or tips that I wasn’t expecting, that’s a huge bonus.

    Also, I am in dire need of a video crash course! I’ve done video in the past, but nothing compared to what Malia is doing. I think her style and approach is well suited for the type of clientele I service. If this can get me up and running with video and at least help me wrap my head around an efficient workflow, it will be well worth it.

    Finally, I’m looking forward to getting to meet these people in person. I have gotten to know them over the last few years through the groups and forums, but there is still no substitute for live interaction. I think a very magical thing happens when a group of like minded people all get together in the spirit of improving their craft, sharing ideas and of course, having a good time!

  • In Atlanta, how nice!! I just signed up. I’m really looking forward to this! Bring my “A” game.?…
    I hope to leave with an “A” game!

  • +1 Norman..Atlanta is a bit far…Washington I would do

  • On a side note, what is the ETA for your updated ebook(s) ?

  • Can you speak up so we can hear you in Oz ?

    Justin Beiber is currently in my hometown of Byron Bay – I’d much prefer Scott Hargis – with his shirt on

  • I’ll add to Norman’s and Tim’s request for D.C., Scott. Any chance you’ll hit our area in the future?

  • For right now, these 3 are all I can sign up for! I’m already a little worried about travel schedules for late winter/early spring. I have to be able to water my plants!

  • The price for the one day workshop is more than fair.
    But I don’t think that all that can be done in a single day.
    I would even come over from Germany if it would be for at least two (better three) days.
    Unfortunately I’m not that interrested in video.
    If there will be a workshop in Europe insight, please let me know.

  • I wouldn’t be so quick to discount the video side of things. With so many photographers learning video these days who do you think your client is going to call when they decide they’re ready to start implementing video marketing into their brand? Do you really think they’re going to wait for you to learn it? Nope! I can give you a looooong list of clients I’ve inherited from other photographers around here who just didn’t want to learn video (or who didn’t have time to learn). Maybe it hasn’t caught on in your market yet but it’s foolish to think it never will. You want to be ahead of the curve for when it does. 😉

  • Hi Malia,

    I just sent you an email (from your website). Not sure if our work is up to standard for going to your class (in Boston). Would love to hear back from you. Thanks.

  • Malia,

    now you made me feel bad! 😉

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