Adrian Jones of Cape Town, South Africa Wins November PFRE Photographer Of Month

November 24th, 2013


Congratulations to Adrian Jones of Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa. The PFRE jury has voted Adrian the PFRE photographer for November. Adrian’s winning photograph is on the right. Click on it to view a full size image. The theme for November was open, meaning entrants could submit any real estate related photo.

Here are the voting results:

  1. Adrian Jones, Clifton, Cape Town South Africa – 40
  2. Kate Benjamin, Detroit, Michigan – 15
  3. Aaron Flores, Tempe, Arizona – 15
  4. Jonathan Davis – Big Island, HI – 12
  5. Sebastian Erras – Grimaud, France – 10
  6. Sinead Kelly Hastings – Carnelian Bay, California – 8
  7. Dan Ryan – New Jersey – 6
  8. Jesse Young – Kirkland, Washington – 5
  9. Bruce Cain – Mount Juliet, Tennessee – 3
  10. Russ Tresoor – Okanagan, British Columbia – 2
  11. Patrick Kerwick – Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2
  12. Patrick Ketchum – Cathedral City, California – 2

I’ve posted all the entrants names on the photos in the flickr pool along with the voting results.

Here are Adrian’s comments on creating the photo:

I had been offered the opportunity to photograph one of the most exclusive addresses on the African continent for a leading real estate agency, during which time the weather was incredibly changeable but in turn afforded me the luxury of multiple visits. The shot itself was set up and triggered in the space of about 2 minutes. This image, the one which made the final cut was actually my second attempt. It was my third visit to the property, I had already marked it as the single POV which conveyed what this place was really about, so as security I doubled up and shot it again 10 minutes later. By which time the wind had picked up, the lamps were swaying but I’d gained the deeper blue of the horizon and the sunset reflection in the mirrors.

It was shot using an Olympus EP3 (I come from a documentary background so I like to keep things small) with Four Thirds SLR 9-18mm Zuiko ED Lens @ 9mm (crop factor X2) and all ambient lighting. I fired off 8 frames @ f5.6 equally spaced between 1/20 sec – 2 sec over a period of 30 seconds, WB set to camera ‘overcast’ setting. In post I ran the raw files through ‘Olympus Viewer 2’ software and processed them using the ‘auto’ white balance correction function. I then ran the 8 images through Photomatrix Pro4 (auto intensive setting), which left me with usual HDR twilight colouring issues. However given the fairly consistent and bright nature of the lighting on location this was pretty easy to rectify in PS and LR.

I definitely have to share the award with the listing itself, it was very forgiving with off camera flash set ups during the day, but planning was the key to covering this 4 story twilight shoot! Many thanks to everyone who contributes to PFRE so transparently, I certainly would not be taking shots like these for another couple of years at least if it were not for you.

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9 Responses to “Adrian Jones of Cape Town, South Africa Wins November PFRE Photographer Of Month”

  • Congratulations Adrian. That is a great shot. Thank you for sharing!

  • beautiful

  • How do we enter please?

  • Congratulations, just fabulous! However, everyone of you is a winner as well. Just awesome!

  • Great shot. Congrats. It looks really natural for a HDR. I just got Photomatix Pro 4, so this makes me want to start playing around in the program.

  • Richly deserved, Adrian! Thanks so much for the detailed explanation of the shot – most interesting! Congratulations again, Adrian!

  • yes Adrian, i saw this photos before, and are absolutly amazing. house too.

  • Thanks very much everyone who takes part in PFRE! I’m pleased to have received this nomination especially as it was from fellow RE photographers and happy to assist anyone curious as to how the shot was made. Likewise I was equally surprised at the results being an HDR image.

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