This Week In Real Estate Video #84 – Villa Marguerita in Palawan Philippines

November 15th, 2013

PortBartonBack in July of this year I did a post on Allan MacKenzie’s gig that he shot in Port Barton in the Palawan Philippines. The video in that post was just a short demo video that Allan had put together quickly when he got home after the shoot (this little 2:14 video is still one of my all time favorite short videos). Back in July, I promised to post the final video. Here it is! Allan has done the final edit. This is the official Villa Margurita, resort video.

Here’s some background on the video from Allan:

 The proprietors of the resort guesthouse’s featured at the end of the Villa video with the wine glasses are also my clients and now great friends Mal and Mich. The “For Poppa Don” text at the end is a dedication who is Mal’s father and Mich’s father-in-law. I first met Poppa Don in Brisbane briefly for 5 minutes at Mal and Mich’s home getting a lift with them to the airport to pick up our flight to the Philippines. I recall Poppa Don saying how much he loved the Philippines and couldn’t wait to go back, I could tell he truly was the patriarch of the family and was a larger than life character. He also pulled me aside and said to me “Now you make sure you do a great job for Mal and Mich won’t you?” gulp 🙂 “Of course I will Poppa Don, don’t worry I’ll put on a great show for these guys”. On our return back from the Philippines sadly Poppa Don had passed away never getting to see any of the video’s, so I only saw it fit to dedicate “Villa Margurita” to him for a destination and country he spoke so highly about for that 5 minutes I knew him.

One of the effects that Allan does that I just love is the combination of a time-lapse sky with a real-time lower part of the video. You’ll see this several places in both the long video and the short demo video. Allan has promised to do a tutorial on how to do this in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here’s hoping that Mal, Mich and their crew at Villa Marguerita managed to make it through the super typhoon Haiyan last week, and everything at Port Barton is still reasonably in tact!

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #84 – Villa Marguerita in Palawan Philippines”

  • Thanks Larry for posting our Video about Villa Marguerita.
    We’re thrilled with Allan MacKenzies production and we’d recommend him highly for travel and business videos.

    Fortunately Palawan was not affected by the recent typhoon and our homes and staff were safe. Regards Mal and Mich Brewer (Owners of Villa Marguerita and Gilligans Port Barton

  • Beautiful video, nice sharpness and clarity..very professional.
    What equipment was used to capture the video?

  • @Ron – Allan has his equipment listed in the description field of the Vimeo video but yu have to click on “read more” at the bottom to see the equipment list.

  • What makes this so effective is that I’d imagine a stay at Villa Marguerita would be incredibly relaxing. And this is portrayed in the video. The sounds are soothing and the music does not overpower the images. There’s nobody telling you “how to feel.” It’s just beautiful images and lovely audio. And that makes me watch the entire 6 minutes. I might even watch it again.

  • This is very soulful video. They are lucky staying safe in this typhoon.

  • Hi Larry, thanks again for sharing our video.
    The adventure to the Philippines this year will be one I will never forget and I look forward to returning, Kodak moments everywhere you turn, such a picturesque destination. Thank you all for the feedback, the concept I had for the final edit treatment was “Give me 6 minutes of your time and I’ll show you a day at Villa Marguerita” We are pleased based on the feedback that we have achieved this? Thank you again.

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