Making Skies Bluer And Grass Greener In Lightroom

November 6th, 2013

BlueSkiesGreenGrassAt the request of some readers, Simon Maxwell, our man in London, has just finished two more Lightroom tutorials for real estate photographers:

Simon shows you a couple of ways to modify colors and saturation in non-global ways without leaving Lightroom.

The whole point of learning how to make local adjustments to photos in Lightroom is that saves you the bother of having to make a round trip out to Photoshop and back thus saving a lot of time.

Thanks Simon. Remember, to thank Simon for his efforts by subscribing to his YT channel and liking the videos.

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10 Responses to “Making Skies Bluer And Grass Greener In Lightroom”

  • Always enjoy Simon’s tutorials. Thanks.

  • I’ve been doing it all wrong – blue skies ahead! Thanks Larry and Simon for this great tutorial, will save me hours of work and headaches.

  • Thanks Aric and Randy… I’ll try to keep them coming!

  • Simon makes it look so easy! Hey, it is easy, whata know…

  • @Simon, I use a very similar technique except I use the “selection” target with the HSL controls. To me it seems to identify the real color I am adjusting better. I green the grass and blue the sky in the same way. Thanks for the tip on using the density control with the adjustment brush. I’ve run into the issue of trying to work through trees and hadn’t come up with a quick process on my own that didn’t look horrible.

    I wanted to post a video in response, but I’ve never done a screencast before. What software are you using on what platform? Any tips?

  • Great tip. We need all the blue we can get in Seattle

  • @Ken : thanks for the selection target tip! It really makes this process even quicker : I pulled up the lawn shot and dragged the target slider over the image and it pulled both the green and yellow channels up rather than having to drag them independently. Do post a video! I’ve tried several screen recording programs and one of the most respected seems to be Camtasia (for MAC and PC) which I use throughout now. Bear in mind your images in Lightroom will be in Prophoto colour space while the web output is sRGB : result : colours don’t look quite so punchy on the the screen casts from lighrtroom when seen on youtube: but we’re talking instructional video here, not presentation material! I think you can try Camtasia for free. By the way Larry organised the fun intro via an online freelancers agency.

  • @Wade, showing a blue sky for a listing in Seattle might be construed as false advertising.

    @Simon, I’ll see if I can put together a tutorial that doesn’t suck. People will compare mine to yours and I’ll lose horribly. Cheers.

  • I’m with Ken on this one. I use the picker tool with saturation and luminance because the sky often has some cyan in it closer to the horizon. At higher altitudes it can also have a touch of purple, and I don’t want to miss any of those subtle colors.

    Most times I barely have to touch the saturation because luminance acts like a post-processing polarizer and so the sky’s saturation “reveals” itself once luminance is handled. And of course if you have any blue planters like in Simon’s example, you can just spot-edit those back to normal if you want.

  • Great video – well done… easy to follow. the only difference, when confronted by smaller blue objects (the last sequence), I would use the same Lum/Sat technique on the sky and then locally de-saturate the blue flower pots spot adjust. even for a large area, like a pool.. i might also just locally adjust.


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