This Week In Real Estate Video #81 – Casa Estrella: Extreme Real Estate Marketing

October 25th, 2013

CasaEstrellaBack in March of 2010 I featured a case of extreme real estate marketing that was a collaboration between Scott Hargis and Quentin Bacon. Quentin’s video has become one of my all time favorite property marketing videos and Scott’s stills from this shoot are stunning! Those of you that have Scott’s Lighting Interiors e-book will recognize several of the images from the book.

I bring Casa Estrella up again partly because it’s still on the market but primarily because it’s such an exemplary example of what, great upper-end marketing can and should look like. The clean, elegant property site combines Quentin’s fantastic life style type video with Scott’s elegant stills in a full screen format. The “living-images” (Spherical 360s with sound) I believe are a recent addition. No one can claim that anything has been over looked in the online marketing of this property! It’s the best of everything; a model of how to market an upper-end property!

The current Casa Estrella website uses a shorter version ( by 1:00) of the video, which I like but even the YouTube version that’s a minute longer holds my interest completely.

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #81 – Casa Estrella: Extreme Real Estate Marketing”

  • This is the video that really inspired me to take creativity in real estate marketing to the next level.

    Marketing and Price – that’s what sells real estate. But this marketing was fantastic and back in 2010, this was the best . . . and still is great. I can’t speak for price. But assuming the price is right, and the marketing is wonderful, yet it’s still on the market – now what? This is a realtors dilemma – and it’s frustrating.

    Sure we revisit price all the time and make adjustments for the market. We can advertise in new markets, post new photos and maybe even make a new video and throw it out to social media any chance we get. But still no sale. I would love to hear some ideas from you shooters out there. Thinking outside the box on marketing a home like Casa Estrella that just hasn’t sold. What’s next? Thanks

  • @Charlie IMO, the reason a property like that stays on the market is because the type of people who can afford to buy it, probably have the money to build their own castle to their own exacting specifications, which probably don’t match the property offered. The actual market for that kind of property might be one tear below that level, to those who have money, but not enough to build to that level, and would be satisfied to buy an existing property at prices in the next tier down. It’s the high end of trickle-down economics (which means, that it is in fact, a used property). At the high end, there is nothing that can’t be produced on demand at any time, but it’s expensive… and it’s not going to appreciate in value at the same rate that other properties in a new moderately priced subdivision might.

    As one of my real estate clients said to me “the number of buyers who could both afford this property and find it to their liking, could fit in a phone booth”.

  • Charlie I second that! When I first saw this video years ago I was very inspired as well. I’m still trying to get an agent to go ahead with staging a scene with actors like this!

    Thanks for sharing this video again Larry!

  • I remember this moment in history as well, such a significant inspiring architectural filmmaking event so much so I went to the extent of contacting Quentin and having a lengthy conversation on Skype asking how he done this? and done that? etc! On top of been a highly creative individual he also sounded like a fair-dinkum top bloke. Casa Estrella still inspires, It is timeless in my opinion… For me it changed everything and how I approach treatment in this genre.

  • @ Kelvin – Yeah, I get that. But the cost to build is still typically higher than the cost to buy. But you’re right. Someone buying a $4M dollar home is looking for something pretty special. At least with the economy and stock market making great strides, these buyers might sell stock to invest in such multi million dollar homes.

    But that doesn’t bode well with sellers. Video, albeit a great tool, is not the ingredient for a guaranteed sale. But the pictures and video sure help spread the word on such a great home. On we go.

  • Larry: Thanks for revisiting this wonderful video production. I my mind, this remains the iconic example of video real estate marketing and it’s the one that got me started in video marketing. I’m still trying to come even close to the quality of this great effort!

  • Great to hear that others find Quentin’s Casa Estrella video to be an important, iconic video!

  • Thanks for the generous words, Larry. It was a great project to work on. We always knew it was going to be a hard property to connect with a buyer. The overall presentation brought the property immense exposure which in the end was the goal we hoped to achieve by giving it such a treatment.

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