What’s Wrong With This Photo? What’s Wrong With This Agent?

October 20th, 2013

BigFailOne of the most popular posts on this blog is Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos. There’s something hilarious about seeing some of the photos that Realtors are willing to use to market a property. As a result there are large numbers of sites that earn advertising dollars by showing off Bad Real Estate Photos. This photo is a classic example of that.

On one level this is funny but on another level it’s sad to see a someone that is trying to earn a commission for selling a property that apparently can’t tell the difference between a good marketing job and a bad marketing job. This agent should get a job at Micky D’s.

I believe in general it is getting harder every day to get by with this kind of nonsense because sellers are getting more sophisticated and the top listing agents are putting more emphasis on quality marketing. Most sellers that I meet can see that this is not quality marketing. Most sellers I know could do better than this with their SmartPhones.

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22 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Photo? What’s Wrong With This Agent?”

  • ouch!

  • It’s nice to see that the toilet is clean. (on the inside) It just goes to show you that using a tripod and a DSLR doesn’t automatically make good pictures. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Can’t be all that bad. At least they are using a tripod. 🙂
    But I feel ripped off not getting the obligatory picture of the agent in the mirror holding a P&S and the brilliant FLASH!

  • Sometimes I look at the photos agents post on the mls and it makes me sick. We are trusted with most peoples largest investments and to see a home listed with bad pics is just unacceptable. I have seen listings with one photo from the outside of the home the agent used their cell phone camera and didn’t even bother getting out of their car. If you cannot professionally market a property do not take the listing. Refer the listing to another agent who can and will. This advice is for any listing. The $30,000 dollar mobile home or the $3+ million dollar home on the side of a hill.

  • Careless slip from someone who knows the craft well enough to expose it well.

  • Besides the above comments, an over-processed HDR image that looks surrealistic rather than compliments the idea of a good bathroom. They did place the camera for positive composition value.

  • Someone got their hands on HDR Efex Pro. The first time I tried using that plug-in combined with real estate photography this was pretty much how all of my photos looked. And I’ll even admit that at the time I thought it was pretty. I did, however, make sure my camera and tripod were not visible in the mirror.

  • I pay a guy to take my HDR photos they come out nice and they make me look good 🙂

  • 1. Toilet seat
    2. Camera and tripod in mirror
    3. hdr
    4. Vertical wall.

  • @Andrea, you don’t understand! … the tipod in the photo IS an HDR effect 😉

  • Well, I see that you’re featuring one of my best photos today. I just *knew* I should have put the toilet lid down first… 😉

  • A couple years ago Bruce Willis’ home in Sun Valley ID was listed on the local MLS. This is a $20 million home:

    It angered me. It was and is awful. Awful for Mr. Willis and awful for the industry as a whole.

  • And here I thought the low-res was a special effect for hiding soap scum on the tub enclosure.

    Wish I’d seen this one before my real estate team presentation this past week. It’s extra special.

    Here’s one of my favorites, the Moose Lodge:


  • It’s not that the agent didn’t bother to get out of the car to take the picture, it’s that they didn’t roll down the window! I’m sure some could come up with an ethnic minority joke about drive-by shootings.

    I see examples just like the worst in the links everyday in my area. Little by little I’m getting a few agents to use my services and set themselves apart. One could say that I am in a “target-rich” environment, to extend the drive-by metaphor a little more.

  • Hilarious! Yep, a SmartPhone could beat this shot any day.

  • Those shots of Bruce Willis’ ski lodge are truly disturbing. They make the place look like The Shining. Ominous.

  • the toilet seat is up – thats all I can see that is wrong

  • I’ve seen worse! And much worse on the Willis place. Sadly, 99.9% of the MLS photos I see in the Atlanta market are junk. And I don’t see it getting any better. Every time Apple updates the iPhone camera, Nikon/Canon release a new and better inexpensive DSLR they drive that nail deeper in the coffin. Homeowners themselves now fancy themselves as photographers of their properties so why pay? No, I really don’t see this improving but I sure hope I’m way off base!

  • That’s not good, at all.

  • Ah c’mon… I bet the bathroom looked just like that. 🙂

  • From my worst HDR nightmare….BOO!

  • Besides the obvious stuff everyone else has mentioned, is no one bothered by the color?? Hard to believe that the tub and toilet are really yellow! Either done by a “pro” who hasn’t learned the art and technique of RE photography, or a realtor who spent the money for decent equipment but doesn’t know how to use it.
    Unfortunately there’s way too many of both out there.

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