This Week In Real Estate Video #80 – 1 Trouants Island/Splendida Dimora

October 18th, 2013


This week I have two property videos I want to pass on:

1 Trouants Island, Marshfield, MA: by Alex Gustafson. Alex sent me this video and a second one and ask for my opinion. I complained at him about the length of both videos but as all the discussions here in the past have covered video length is a very personal thing.  Alex pointed out that he would make the videos shorter but the clients explicitly want the video this long. I like the way Alex has communicated the natural setting of the Trouants Island property. Both of Alex’s videos show a nicely developed walk-through style. Good job Alex!

Splendida Dimora, Vero Beach, FL: by Michael and Nory of Team Uneek in Orlando. For those of you that don’t know Team Uneek’s work I featured them back in August. I saw this video because I subscribe to the Team Uneek YouTube Channel and noticed a couple of days ago when they uploaded this video for this nifty little $18.8M listing in Vero Beach. The video speaks for itself. I like their extensive use of time-lapse and I never get tired of the background music they use.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #80 – 1 Trouants Island/Splendida Dimora”

  • The pacing of the Vero Beach video was amazing. Love the way you showed both exposures of the windows. Great music as well.

  • Alex, Norey and Michael, two very nice videos.
    Not being a video shooter, I was wondering how long it takes to shoot homes this size, and how long to do the post production. I was also wondering what kind of steady-cams were used, and if either of the homes were shot with any fill lighting. I try to balance my interior lighting with the window lighting. Is this something that is not as required in video as it is in stills?
    I love the aerial shots of Splendida Dimora, and wanted to know if they were taken with a helicopter or an RC drone/quad copter.
    I’ve wanted to get involved with video, but none of my agents have asked. Since many agents complain about my pricing, I wonder how I can offer video without an enormous up charge.
    Again, I truly like your work

  • You’re right. It’s absolutely too long. Not because of it’s time length, but because of the inclusion of unnecessary footage. When you rest on a pan so long that the length of the pan upstages the scene, you are calling more attention to your stage in the learning curve, then to the property you are commissioned to make a stunning presentation of. The same holds true for extended footage moving through doorways that calls attention to how steady the cam was, instead of because the doorway is so amazing that it simply must be shown.

  • Alex, I agree with the others the video was too long.
    Michael & Nory, loved the pace and the aerial shots were impactful. Looked like a fun house to shoot, but I am sure all the big windows made you work to capture the great footage you got.

  • Alex, great work.

    I really like the transition with the bridge in the second one – very creative. And I like how you set the scene at the beginning with the location and then introduce the home.

    My only ‘negative’ observation was that in a few of the glidecam shots I wanted to see just a second or two more of the shot before the transition – but I’m being really picky. Beautiful homes and well presented – well done.

    Uneek – well those guys just continue to raise the bar of what can be done with video – they are truly inspirational.

    Thanks Larry for the great work you are doing on the video side of things – I’m a constant visitor.

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