Inexpensive Light Stand For Small Flashes – Ideal For Real Estate Photography

October 14th, 2013

CheapLightStandA couple of weeks ago on my Real Estate Photographer Getting Started List, Harold commented  about the Aiptek ZAC-STD-5 tripod and how it was an inexpensive light stand for small flashes.

The reason this is important for real estate photographers that use small flash for lighting, is that you want to put small flashes on light stands that can be made short, or tall and be folded down into a small package.The Aiptek is ideal, it goes from 49″ fully extended and folds up into a package only 16″ long, and it includes a canvas case.

The primary reason a little tripod like this makes a better light stand that the more traditional light stands is that a small tripod can be made to have a smaller footprint and be tucked into smaller spaces.

And the most amazing part is that it’s only $5.95 on Amazon! But it costs $8.77 to ship it so all tolled it is $14.72 USD. I the chocolate truck (that’s what my grandkids call the UPS truck) just brought my yesterday, and it’s a pretty cool light stand, but I wouldn’t use it for a tripod… it’s not sturdy enough.


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11 Responses to “Inexpensive Light Stand For Small Flashes – Ideal For Real Estate Photography”

  • I recently purchased traditional light stands that go up to 7.5′, I thought this might be a feature worth paying a little extra for. Do you ever find yourself needing to put flashes up that high?

  • @Josh – Yea, I personally have some of both. It’s nice to have tall ones that that will put a flash right up there where the ceiling meets the wall, but many times you need something that has a small foot print and these little guys work nice for that.

  • I picked up four mini tripods from Target. If I remember correctly they were undr $10 before tax. Have a quick detach. They are flimsy but work great for flash stands. I attached the plates to my radio triggers so I can adapt quickly.

  • These promaster light stands are $20, telescopic to around 7′, and the footprint can be made nearly as small as this tripod. I would have loved this post when I was in the market, but happy with these.

  • I found my tripod/light stands at Walmart. They are Targus brand, and I like them because the heads are 100 % plastic which meant I was able to drill a hole straight through them to attach umbrellas. It’s one instance where cheaper really is better.

  • NAPP member? You can get free shipping for the same item direct from Adorama. Woohoo!

  • I purchased 4 of these when they were less expensive and included shipping. Love them and make great light stands (besides being not all that horrible for camera use). I keep an umbrella in each case with the tripod, fits perfectly. No drilling needed, the umbrella just slides into the space between the QR-plate and the top of the tripod. Coupled with my YN-560’s I’ve use this for more than just RE shoots.

    Scott H certainly get the credit for this idea.

  • If you need a few, the shipping cost per tripod comes down pretty quick. $11.33 shipping for 3 in one go.

  • We do a lot of yard sales on Friday and Sat, looking for things to sell on Amazon and Ebay and come across tons of inexpensive tripods in the 1-3 dollar range. Most of them are not suitable for Camera stands, but work great for Flash stands. I now have 6 or 7 of them in different heights and styles. We also find other photography items that we use or sell.

  • I have friends and family checking the thrift shops for tripods every time they go. I told them less than $5 buy it and I’ll decide what to do with them. The most common defect with donated tripods is the missing plate. I guess they get left on the camera when the ‘pod gets dumped. A drill and a 1/4-20 tap allows me to mount a speedlight.

  • I love the Manfrotto 5001B Nano Black Light Stands in addition to cheap tripods. They are a traditional light stand but because the legs fold upwards they can be extended in such a way that they only have a few inch spread but reach almost 7 feet high – perfect for real estate needs in a tight space.

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