Using Exposure Fusion With Flash For Real Estate Photography

October 13th, 2013

SimonEnfuseFlashSimon Maxwell, our man in London has just uploaded a new video tutorial to his YouTube Channel… I love saying, “our man in London”!

In this video, Simon illustrates what adding some simple fill flash while shooting you brackets for Exposure Fusion can do for you. I’d like to add that adding fill flash to brackets also is a big help when you are using HDR processing of the brackets. With HDR the flash helps make whites whiter and gets rid of muddy mid-tones.

For more details on how to shoot the brackets checkout the post I did several years ago on this subject.

A reminder, be sure to subscribe to Simon’s YouTube Channel and click on the thumb button to “like” while you are there, this is how Simon get’s paid for his excellent work!

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2 Responses to “Using Exposure Fusion With Flash For Real Estate Photography”

  • Wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t impressed with the kitchen shot- window was WAY blown out, and it was a distraction. I’ve had really good luck with LR/Enfuse with flash but keeping nice window pull.
    Nice tutorial, though.

  • Thanks Simon, your videos are helpful as always.

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