Photomatix 5.0 Beta Test

October 10th, 2013

Photomatix50PFRE Reader Bill George in Tucson, AZ recommended this video regarding the Photomatix 5.0 Beta test that is going on now at the site. I have to admit that I’ve not tried version 5.0 yet.

Bill likes version 5.0 Beta and says:

I love the new Contrast Optimizer. I use it now instead of Details Enhancer (Tone Mapping) for my exterior photography. Plus I’ll use Contrast Optimizer to process window views if needed.  I find the Contrast Optimizer image to be more “natural looking”, cleaner, less dirty looking, and sharper with more detail. Looking at various processing options it is easy as you can click back and forth from Details Enhancer to Contrast Optimizer to Fusion, etc. and quickly pick the best HDR look.

John McBay, author of Image Editing For Real Estate Photography has tried the beta out and has come comments on it in the PFRE Flickr forum.

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