Clarity : Photography Beyond The Camera

October 7th, 2013

ClarityAt the end of September a new multi-media magazine called Clarity – Photography Beyond the Camera was launched.

I found out about this launch via Sean McCormack’s lightroom-blog. When I first saw the post on Sean’s blog I thought this was finally a Lightroom magazine in PDF format! I’ve been nagging Matt Kloskowski to do Lightroom Magazine in PDF format but he’s ignoring me. Clarity is broader in scope than just Lightroom but will have articles in it on Lightroom because Sean McCormack and Piet Van den Eynde are on the Clarity staff and are going to write about Lightroom… and one of the things I like most about Clarity is that it is distributed in PDF format so you can read it on any device from your SmartPhone to your, laptop to your desktop.

Clarity is published by PhotographyBB in Burnaby, BC, Canada and Dave Seeram is the editor-in-Chief/Publisher.

Clarity is published bi-monthly $29.99 for six issues and $6.99 for one issue. If you are interested in purchasing Clarity, I encourage you to do it on Sean McCormack’s blog since Sean is a PFRE blog reader and up and coming real estate photographer!

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