Are You Getting A Dark Blue Background As Your PFRE Page Loads?

October 3rd, 2013

PageLoadProblemI’ve gotten a couple of reports this last week that when people access the PFRE blog the main page loads  very slowly and while it’s loading a page is displayed that has a partially dark blue background like the screen capture on the right. So far reports about this problem are only from the Big Island of Hawaii.

I believe that this problem related to the fact that I’ve let the front page get very large and complicated so it has a long load time. Since Ethan on Hawaii reported this problem I’ve cut the page load time significantly, but the problem still persists on Hawaii and I can’t reproduce it here in Oregon on any of my devices.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so what is your location? I’m trying to understand how widespread this problem is. If you are having this problem please just leave a comment.

Update Oct 6: Since I originally put up this post I’ve reduced the load time of the PFRE front page significantly. It’s down to under 2 seconds in the continental US and under 4 seconds in EU and AU. I’m still working to improve that my goal is to keep page load time less than 3 seconds anywhere in the world. If you are interested here’s why page load time varies with distance from the server.

I still don’t know what is causing this problem, but it’s my hunch that it’s related to network errors and reducing page load time will help.

The biggest puzzle it that Toronto and Ottawa have the problem big time yet those locations are very close to the PFRE server (Southfield, MI) and AU, on the other side of the world doesn’t appear to have the problem.

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30 Responses to “Are You Getting A Dark Blue Background As Your PFRE Page Loads?”

  • I am just outside of Toronto and get the blue screen while it loads… takes about 13-15 secs to load correctly.

    That loading time is especially surprising since Im on a Bell fibre internet connection with 50 Mbps download (and 50 Mbps upload).

  • Something is definitely wrong because even after it loads the initial time, if I refresh it still does that blue screen again when refreshing.

    Once a page loads initially it keeps in in the computers cache and this shouldn’t be happening, it should load quickly.

    This is happening on all pages too, not just the main page.

  • @Christian – Wow, if you are having trouble it’s worse than I thought… the PFRE server is right across the water in Michigan. I guess I need to get my WordPress mechanic on it! I don’t understand why I never see the problem here in Oregon. Thanks.

  • Works fine in the UK, loads in under 2 seconds, no problems.

  • I get that problem when I load the website from a slow connection. Just FYI.

  • I am in cleveland and have no problem

  • No problems here in central Iowa.

  • Loads perfectly here in east TN on high-speed cable modem. No blue screen.

  • No problem here in FL on Comcast internet cable.

  • More importantly, find out which browser and which version they are using. That is more likely the problem.

  • No problem in Detroit. I’ve got a pretty fast connection, though.

  • No problem in Pennsylvania using Safari.

  • Hello Larry: I’ve seen it twice, coming through from Comcast in Michigan. That was a week ago, not before nor since.

  • No Problem in East Tennessee

  • I get this problem on your site all the time. It typically happens when I open the individual blog post, all the comments are dark blue. (Ottawa, Canada)

  • Update: It happens on the homepage as well. Using Chrome for a browser.

  • No problem in SoCal, aka greater Los Angeles, Mac OS 10.8.5 & FireFox 24

  • Tried it on imac with Safari and Firefox. Also tried on PC with Explorer and Chrome. No problem here in S. California using a medium speed DSL connection.

  • No problem in SoCal and I load it with Google Chrome.

  • Same here. Using Safari (6.0.5.) on a Mac (OSX 10.7.5) and having the same problem with the blue background. It takes a while until it is shown correctly.

  • At home I tried it on all browsers today, Chrome, Safari, firefox and IE and all the same issue.

    I also opened it on my iphone and ipad (safari and it also has the same problem (tried on LTE and wireless)

    While at best buy this morning getting a new TV I figured I would try on one of their laptop setups …..and it was the same issue.

  • No problems in central Arkansas. Firefox 24.0, Windows 7

  • I see it on Maui. Refreshing a few times usually gets it right.

  • Thanks everyone for helping me get more insight about this problem. Apparently this doesn’t happen in the US mainland, only in the pacific US Islands, around Toronto, Ottawa and Provence, FR. I have Cristi my web guy thinking about this, but he’s convinced that load time doesn’t depend on location. So for now it’s a bit of a puzzle. When it happens it happens on all devices and all browsers and even on super fast internet connections.

    In the mean time, I’m going to work at doing everything I can to minimize the page load time of the front page.

  • Had never seen it until I opened the page of comments on this thread????

  • No problem in MA

  • I have been getting the blue screen in Maui…I just thought it was because the cable went under the water before it got here…:)

  • @Tom – Actually that’s a pretty good theory… the only problem is AU & UK doesn’t seem to have the problem

  • Larry, I have never had the problem at my office, but see it now and then at my house. I believe we are on time warner cable at my house. I?m not sure what my office uses, but I?ll look into it next week.

  • Sounds like it is an ISP issue, especially in Canada, where you have what 1 provider, which would explain why it is happening on all of the devices using that provider

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